'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart Go at It

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Kenya Moore explodes on Porsha Stewart on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Since the beginning of Season 5, Kenya told anyone with a pulse how she's ready to get married and start a family with her beau Walter Jackson. The former beauty queen kept the pressure on Walter like Spanx on a red carpet diva, and demanded he think about wedding bells while away in Anguilla. Would Kenya finally get to say "I do"?

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched “I Do... But, I Won't.”

With romance in the air on their island vacation, Cynthia Bailey’s husband Peter Thomas decided to plan their vow renewal. The restaurateur schemed alongside Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo, NeNe Leakes’ ex-Gregg, Kandi Burruss’ boyfriend Todd, Porsha’s former football player hubby, Kordell and, Walter to surprise Cynthia.

The next day, Cynthia treated the ladies to a day of pampering at a spa. NeNe started to grill Kenya on the true status of her relationship with Walter. The outspoken sitcom star didn’t beat around the bush on her feelings about Kenya’s romance. NeNe told the former Miss USA she didn’t think their relationship was genuine, and it “felt off.” An outraged Kenya insisted she and Walter were legit, and didn’t care what anyone thought. She was stunned NeNe would say such a thing. NeNe fired back that she based her opinions on what Kenya said about him; Walter was a ladies man when she met him. Kenya claimed she and Walter were a few steps on the way to wedded bliss, and she had nothing to worry about. Does Walter know this Kenya?

Cynthia was brought to tears when she learned what Peter cooked up once everyone arrived to the ceremony in awe. After the vow renewal, everyone headed back to their accommodations to unwind from the day’s event. NeNe commented how great it was that Kenya and Porsha got along on the trip, since their dust up at Porsha’s charity event. The fiery housewife inquired why Porsha and Kenya quarreled in the first place. Oh NeNe, you needed to leave that one alone!

As Porsha relayed what occurred, Kenya agreed with Porsha’s recap of their tiff and tried to drop the subject. Porsha kept prodding Kenya to explain what their problems were, but Ms. Moore again attempted to stop the conversation. Porsha struck a nerve when she called Kenya a “non factor," and continued to comment on how much of a tramp Kenya was for the behavior she exhibited on the trip.

NeNe, Cynthia and Phaedra tried to defuse the situation. Once the dust settled, Kenya remarked she may be a flirt, but she is no whore. She’s Gone with the Wind fabulous and and away she went...

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Kenya pressing Walter to marry her. Let it go girl, he isn't biting on the line you threw.

Thank you, TV gods.: Phaedra putting Kenya in her place when she asked if she'd allow her friends to swing with Apollo. You heard the lady, don't mess with Apollo!

Awk-ward: Peter discussing at dinner how much sex he and Cynthia were having on the trip. That's something people don't want to hear in between passing the chicken and salad.

Hotness: The spa attire the women wore.  NICE!

Fab-u-lous: Cynthia and Peter's white party wedding. For something whipped up at the last minute, the event was beautiful.

Can. Not. Wait.: Walter and Kenya's showdown over her wedding comments. That is going to be amazing.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 9

Was Porsha too hard on Kenya?  Should Kenya confront Porsha privately? Sound off below!

– Jillian Bowe

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  • tardy for the party
    tardy for the party

    Fight had nothing to do with Porsha's role in the community but all to do with some drama that happened before this trip. The night was suppose to be about Cynthia, it was a girls chillout after her wedding. Porsha should have kept herself in check and brought this ish up in private and ANOTHER TIME. I feel for Cynthia, because well, this was suppose to be a happy night and Porsha ruined it!

  • tardy for the party
    tardy for the party

    So - I live in Australia and this episode just aired... I know I'm waaaay behind, but I need to sound off because this episode just annoyed me... Kenya is crazy, but in this case Porsha was out of line. This night was about CYNTHIA so why Porsha was bringing up old ish is beyond me. Kenya was trying to play it smart by trying to let sleeping dogs lie (thrice was it?), but Porsha was down right poking and prodding her and straight up antagonising her until she got a reaction. This drama is Porsha's fault and I blame her for ruining the night. And what kinda idiot starts a fight then ends it with "touch me and I'm gonna sue you." If you going to be standing up, waving your arms and weave around, telling people that they're a "non-factor" you need to back that ish up instead of acting like a holier than thou stuck up, self entitled bitch. And hiding behind a lawyer means you straight up scared and probably had no business opening your mouth in the first place. From that fight, I could not tell that Porsha comes from a well-respected family because that incident made her look like a petty and classless, simpleton. Boom.

  • susie kent
    susie kent

    kenya has got to be the stupidist person ever. she is arrogant rude and obnoxious,. bravo will lose ratings if they don't get her off the show,. bring back kim

  • Gunny

    OMG was Kenya drunk or on something cause she went off!! We hardly heard a peep out of Porsha and she was civil during the trip (even after being dissed by Kenya at the airport). Porsha told (in front of Kenya) her take on on the events. (Porsha was raising money to feed the poor!!!) Kenya misses all the most important points (others) and goes off on a tirade about herself whilst trying to bring Porsha down - in shock, Porsha does show her age a little by fighting back with insults but who could blame her when Kenya then insults Porsha about her family and her position within that legacy!! Porsha is busy with her role within a prominent family and dependence of people who need her love and support. That's what she has been doing Kenya!! She does not hide behind her father but she is grateful for what she has and therefore she gives back! What do you give back Kenya? Kenya is so self absorbed and the cracks show again when (after Portia does the right thing and walks away) she does some stupid twirls, talks about gone with the wind and play acts - showing us what she does - her (all bout her!!!). NOT!!! Team Portia

  • Irvinegirl

    Nobody gives a shit about these trashy women. Put an end to this travesty. They're an embarrassment to real black classy woman in Atlanta. Couldn't they have hired non-trash for this show?