Eddie Redmayne Calls His ‘Les Miserables’ Character a ‘Refreshing’ Change of Pace (VIDEO)

'Les Mis' Review
Celebuzz weighs in on the awards-season musical.
As a young actor with unconventional good looks, Eddie Redmayne has often played character whose audiences show dubious sympathy for, if any at all. But in Les Miserables, Redmayne plays Marius, a virtuous romantic lead whom he described as a welcome change after his work in films like Hick and The Yellow Handkerchief.

“It feels quite refreshing, actually,” he told Celebuzz. “When I first auditioned for this, I was shooting a film called Hick in North Carolina where played a Texan meth-addict pedophile with a limp.”

Redmayne revealed that he actually auditioned for Les Miserables via his telephone, rather than the more conventional method of, oh, meeting with the filmmakers in person.

“It was this night in a trailer on a night shoot that I took my phone and sang the song that my character sings,” he said. “So it was whilst playing a complete psychopath that I started auditioning for this job.”

Although he thrilled at the chance to play one of the film’s heroes, Redmayne said that he wanted to make the character as sophisticated as possible. “In that [stage] version, Marius is a romantic, almost a romantic,” he said. “All of these people die for him and he goes through singing oblivious.”

“Tom Hooper and I went back to the book and found a load of intricacies that made this guy more complicated, to see how extreme this guy was willing to go.”

Les Miserables opens in theaters nationwide on December 25. Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive video interview with Redmayne’s co-star Anne Hathaway below.

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