Sandy Hook School Shooting Sparks Gun Control Debate: Where Do Celebrities Stand on the Second Amendment?

Sandy Hook Shooting
Obama speaks following Sandy Hook school shooting
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Sandy Hook: Celebs React
Celebrities react to the horrific tragedy in Newtown, Conn. Read More »

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting, America is mourning the loss of 26 lives — 20 children and 6 adults — along with the tragedy-stricken community of Newtown, Conn. But that grief has also given way to a highly politicized debate, as the massacre shines a spotlight on the long-dormant debate of gun control.

When gunman Adam Lanza opened fire inside the grade school on Friday, he was wielding a military-style semiautomatic Bushmaster rifle and carrying an arsenal of ammunition. Now the rampage has reignited a political debate around the Second Amendment's right to bear arms — most specifically, whether assault weapons like the one used by Lanza should be limited or even banned.

As politicians and activists alike debate regulation of such weapons and consider possible policy changes, some Hollywood stars are weighing in on the timely topic.

Director Michael Moore — the brain behind the 2002 documentary Bowling for Columbine, which explored the causes for the Columbine High School massacre and other instances of gun violence — was distraught following the Connecticut tragedy, sharing his thoughts on tighter firearm restrictions on his website.

"I tried to ring a warning bell about this a decade ago. The disease has only gotten worse," Moore wrote on Sunday. " feel something different in the air across America tonight, don't you? People have had it, and the outrage is loud and visible. I'm convinced the majority of Americans will now back strong gun control laws.... And perhaps a few are willing to look at the deeper issue of how this country officially sanctions violence as a means to an end."

Other celebrities echoed his call for gun control action. Rashida Jones argued that "gun control is our only road to freedom;" Ben Stiller made a bid to "stop the access to guns in our country;" Susan Sarandon encouraged her followers to "let NRA know how you feel;" and Piers Morgan wondered whether President Barack Obama will "have the courage to stand up to the American gun lobby?"

But not all of Tinseltown is getting in on the anti-gun firestorm. In fact, many A-listers count themselves as cock-and-pull aficionados. From Angelina Jolie and Amber Heard, to Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon, find out where the stars stand on the right to bear arms.

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  • Tony C
    Tony C

    Says the moron that has made a living promoting violence in every single movie he has in a bubble protected b ARMED body guards. Yo Adrian....shut the F up!!

  • Mark McQuaid
    Mark McQuaid

    Thank you, Bruce Willis.

  • Dylan Howard
    Dylan Howard

    I think it would be good for a pro-guns star to change their stance. A powerful message that needs to be told at a time like this.

  • sstar

    I will never click on another of your FB posts. This article is ridiculous and inflammatory.

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    @The are you an idiot everyone is entitled to their oppinions stricter gun lawas don't keep guns out of the hands of criminals or the mentally ill but law abiding citizens. are you forgetting Mr Eastwood got one of his signature roles Dirty Harry when Paul Newman turned it down for gratuitus use of guns which he as a world war 2 Vet disagreed with. I can guarentee you that this tragic grade school shooting at Sandy Hook has his widow holding their teenage grandsons closer as the family still mostly lives in the county where the horror took place which is Fairfield county correct his widow & his daughter Melissa the one with the two teenage sons still live in Westport where the family has since 1960 their youngest daughter Claire lives in Darien and his two from his first marriage Susan & Stephanie live in Wilton while their oldest daughter Together Eleanor lives in Santa Cruz California

  • The

    This is totally biased and ridiculous. Many of their opinions are disregarding the outweighing negatives of guns. Its a disgusting culture

  • sandy

    Surprised George Clooney did not say anything on this subject. NOT surprised his GF did not tweet or facebook this