'Shahs of Sunset's' GG Gharachedaghi Fends Off Castmates' Criticisms: 'It's Very Dangerous to Get Me Upset' (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Bravo's Shahs of Sunset star Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi has no filter -- and her Bravo castmates just have to deal with it.

This season, GG's disagreement with fellow castmate Asa Soltan Rahmati turned ugly at a friend's pool party. What did GG have to say about the incident? "They say if you're not being talked about, then no one cares," GG told Celebuzz. "So, thank you, Asa."

The drama between GG and Asa is far from over. Asa recently called GG a "bigot and a bully."  She added, "Who calls their friend, another woman, a transvestite? The real joke is that GG is the one with the fake nose, fake hair, fake boobs, fake lips, fake accent, etc."

However, GG has one thing to say about Asa's claims: "If I was acting, then I deserve an Oscar because I did a damn good job."

But Asa isn't the only cast member GG has to worry about. Reza Farahan isn't her biggest fan either. On the season premiere, Reza compared GG to a "pet venomous snake."

"That's funny because snakes are my favorite animal," GG said. "I'm quiet before I bite. It is very dangerous to get me upset. And a lot of these people this season did that, and I came back for the bite."

During a recent interview with Reza, he compared GG to a "sale rack." Ouch! So what did GG have to say? "I'm not intimidated by beauty," she replied.

What do you have to say, Celebuzz readers? Are you #TeamGG or #TeamAsa? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Karla Cairns
    Karla Cairns

    why is no one from Bravo telling this girl she need some serious psychiatric care are they going to wait for her to stab someone like they waited and Russel committed suicide,,,wake up Bravo!!!

  • Judith Cauldwell
    Judith Cauldwell

    She is NOT cute at all, n her personalithy, she should be locked up in a mental ward. I feel bad for her sister and her mom and dad. GG is a distaster. She will be off the show soon,

  • texasblossom

    She knows she's not normal. Why else would she admit she has been in therapy all her life? Her claim to fame is "I am who I am". Isn't that Popeye's sentiment? She blames everyone else for her actions and then wants me to feel sorry for her that she had to have a nose job so people would quit judging her. Does she not realize she has always been judge on her 6 year old mentality? Cute at 6 but by 30 not so much.

  • texasblossom

    What a joke you are and that's what makes you so phony, I mean funny. If you think you're like a snake that's quiet before you strike then you must be confused. You are like a monkey that screams when threatened. I would love to see someone take you up on your threats and rock your little butt. In Texas you are the little dog, one bark and we would kick your butt before you could finish that thought. Isn't my girl Lilly from Texas? Seriously chick, you better think before your humming bird ass invites that alligator to the dance.

  • lori

    GG,You are to cute to have such a nasty temper.You need to step back and take a look at yourself. You are like a loose cannon. Your friends don't know how to act around you.It's like walking on egg shells with you.You can not act like this and be married and have kids and think this is normal.Trust me it is not!!!!! Be cool girl and grow up!!!!!!!!

  • Wise up Gigi!
    Wise up Gigi!

    GG! Please sister, you are humialiting yourself! Grow up! Who acts like that? So trashy! and the faces you make when you're upset are so unattractive/hilarious! And please, I haven't seen you do one thing but run your mouth! Honey, no one is scared of you LOL! And everything you say makes me laugh! Very entertaining. One of these days you're going to run your mouth to the wrong person, and you're going to get ROCKED! Hopefully it happens in time for it to be aired on t.v! Sad thing is, I used to like you last season. You were so pretty and dressed so fashionable...but now your behavior is so grotesque, it takes away from your beauty. Who is going to want to be friends with you? You're lucky you were proposed to already, because no one would want to marry that....and do you really want to behave like that when you start having children? Nooo. I used to act like you when I was in highschool and college, and although I still have a crazy quick temper, I have matured and find other ways to deal with it than resorting to violence. Fights and disagreements go and come, but your reputation is what's important.