'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brandi Glanville's Accusations Continue to Create Havoc

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Brandi Glanville sticks to her guns, while Kyle Richards hosts a dinner from hell on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Monday’s episode, “Oy, Faye.”

Never say Brandi is one to cave under peer pressure. The outspoken blonde still maintained the mysterious claims she lobbied against Adrienne Maloof and her then husband Paul Nassif. Kyle and Camille Grammer were blown away on how hostile Paul acted toward Brandi, but justified his actions. Brandi defamed his family they rationalized with Kyle’s sister Kim Richards, and he defended his family’s name against Brandi’s wild claims.

Kyle was also floored by Kim’s decision to drop the bombshell at her husband Mauricio Umansky’s upscale agency event in front of all his potential real estate clients. “Why do such a thing," she remarked? Kim insisted Adrienne and Paul had a right to know what Brandi said about them, and not attend a party while everyone knew and gossiped behind their backs. Kyle ripped into her sister for being insensitive to Mauricio. She understood why Kim did it, but it was not the right time. An unrepentant Kim balked at Kyle’s attitude; Adrienne and Paul needed to know regardless of the venue. Was Kim right to tattle on Brandi at the party?

Later that week, Brandi headed over to Lisa Vanderpump’s place to fill her in on what occurred at Mauricio’s event. Lisa understood all too well how Adrienne can be, but wanted to find out what made Brandi lash out against Ms. Maloof? Brandi claimed Adrienne contacted a tabloid site and fabricated a story about her staying asleep until the afternoon, something Adrienne screamed at her during the party. Lisa sympathized with Brandi’s dilemma, and told her friend to rise above the nonsense. However, Brandi argued if things got worse, she will strike back.

Later, Kyle hosted a dinner party and viewers were introduced to new housewife Marisa Zanuck. Kyle, Camille, Lisa, and Taylor Armstrong wondered why Adrienne was absent at the get together. Could she still be upset over Brandi’s actions? Brandi informed the group she would have passed at the dinner if Adrienne wanted to come, in order not to cause conflict. Kyle grilled Brandi on why she had tremendous animosity towards Adrienne, since she always stuck up for the outspoken vixen.

As Brandi attempted to explain her position, Kyle’s friend Faye Resnick chimed in and berated Brandi for her behavior. Faye accused Brandi of seeking attention, and wound up creating chaos in the group. If she were truly sorry for what she’s done, Brandi would apologize and send Adrienne flowers as a gesture. Since when is she Emily Post? Brandi scoffed at Faye’s suggestion and calmly told her stay out of it, because it wasn’t her business.

Marisa added on and agreed with Brandi, but Faye wouldn’t hear of it. Faye attacked Brandi like a fat kid with cake, and kept throwing barbs about Brandi’s “bad behavior” and insincerity. A fed up Brandi left the party before things reached an already tumultuous level. With Faye crowing in the background, she would be next on Brandi’s target list for speaking the truth. Oh Faye, it isn’t always about you.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Lisa denying Scheana the chance to talk to Brandi when she came over to Lisa's place. Girl, ambushing Brandi is NOT the best thing to do!

Thank you, TV gods.: Camille letting Taylor know it wasn't about her when she tried to compare their fight with Adrienne and Brandi's. Taylor, it is someone else's moment, honey.

Awk-ward: Kyle telling the dinner party how Kim didn't invite her to her nephew's birthday party in Las Vegas. How uncomfortable was her pity party?

Hotness: Brandi's catsuit at Kyle's party. Werk it!

Fab-u-lous: Yolanda Foster's workout regimen. Viewers got a little peek at how she keeps herself looking amazing and she does it the ol' fashioned way.

Can. Not. Wait.: Brandi and Scheana's showdown looks smoking hot.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 9

Was Faye doing Kyle and Adrienne's dirty work? Should Brandi apologize? Sound off below!

– Jillian Bowe

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'RHOBH' Taylor Armstrong
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  • Tracey Grand'Maison
    Tracey Grand'Maison

    If Faye wants facetime - she should use her iPad - what a crock that was - it's like well I'll be there so let me make sure I get my share of camera time... now on the other hand - did Brandi deserve to get called out - Absolutely - I just wish Kim was there as well to be called on her 'decision' to start shit at her sisters affair - a sister she's obviously jealous of and wants to tarnish in the first place - Kyle... it may be time to cut your losses... Now it seems that Adrienne is simply Brandi's flavour of the month and that's just what she's gonna be - Brandi sure changed her tune from saying what she said (which I'd like to know by the way) and defending what she said to 'I regret what I said..." coughcoughbullshitcoughcough... what a crock. Brandi is 'one of those' and that's all she'll ever be...

  • Russ

    Get rid of Kyle, Kim, Fay, and Adrienne. We're all sick of their lies and covering up the truth. LOSERS and ugly losers too. Brandi has saved the show and doesn't take crap from anyone. Now Paris, Kim and Kyle have made laughing stock of the Hilton name !!!! Thats why they're trying so hard to cover up Kim's BIG problem.

  • Paul Vandiver
    Paul Vandiver

    I didn't see Brandi backing down. I did, however, see her book sales double and 25 thousand people follow her on Twitter. I think Brandi wins. Adrienne should not have tried to use Brandi in her vandetta against Lisa. And Faye is so hated, I am surprised she doesn't get a new face so no one recognizes her.

  • lori

    I agree it was a set-up.But Kyle seems to set-up everyone on the show.What is her deal here? She comes off like she is lilly white. I have a feeling she has some real issues in her life she is hidding! she is not fun to watch.It just shows she even used her best friend Faye to do her dirty work to again make herself look good.How do it feel to be used Faye??????????????????? Dummy!!!!!!

  • lori

    Faye needs to fade away.That woman is one big mess.no one care about except Kyle,who is a really big trouble maker.Wonder what is in your past Kyle.She is jealous of everyone on the show.Kim does not hit the mark either on this show.Brandi,you make the show not boring to watch.Adrianne is pityful and boring too.Lisa and Camille,Yolanda all have class,but need to spice up their act.Fun to watch.....

  • thinkaboutit

    Just watched Alex McCord on here little 5 min video, she looks great..

  • thinkaboutit

    Hey ladies this is a reality show that you all signed up for. It's about your life..you are not movie stars that play roles that have nothing to do with your private lives and therefore their priviate lives should be off limits. ..If you don't want your secrets out, get off the show...you are NOT movie or TV stars

  • Fran

    Who does Faye Resnick think she is? Her fame came from Nicole Brown's murder...what is she doing on this show?...never liked Kyle or her sister troublemakers...who knew them back when?

  • Dylan Howard
    Dylan Howard

    Hey guys -- Dylan here -- the Editor in Chief. Just wanted to chim in. I watched this last night. I thought Faye went searching for trouble. Complete set up. Your thoughts?

  • Deb

    Good job Faye screw Brandi you wanna talk shit you better be able to back it up with the Maloof fam comming at u dumb ass Brandi. Brandy you screwed with the wrong family.

  • Cynthia

    Almost forgot I believe Kyle is such a piece of sh*t that when she does the splits I am surprised she doesn't stick to the floor.

  • Cynthia

    Kyle, Kim and Addrienne need to go they are real creeps, and make me want to puke. Kim and Faye are the true pigs of Beverly Hills and I think her husbands business should suffer. Anyone with good sense would not go to him and a realtor or broker.

  • eulah houchins
    eulah houchins

    kyle started it when she ask brandy about adrienne and her douing lisa wine tasting party

  • Michelle

    Faye always shows up when Kyle needs an attack dog. Remember Faye did the same thing to Camille. I get it Faye is Klye's freind, yada yada, but she's noy directly in this circle tied to all the ladies. I also thought Faye was rude to Marissa. not letting her finish her thought.

  • Rita

    Ol Liver Lips Faye is nothing but a hanger on like instigating boitch Kyle! Like ANYONE should do what the hell either one says........... NAH! The women who are classy in my opinion is Lisa & Yolanda