Sandy Hook School Shooting: 5 Latest Developments in Newtown, Conn., Tragedy

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The students of Newtown, Conn., are returning to classrooms Tuesday, as the small New England town struggles to rebound in the wake of one of the deadliest school shootings in United States history.

But just four days after Adam Lanza stormed into Sandy Hook Elementary and gunned down 26 victims — 20 children and 6 adults — that school will remain shut. The district is making plans to enroll surviving Sandy Hook pupils at a former school building in the neighboring town of Monroe, Conn. But in the six Newtown schoolhouses that reopened its doors to roughly 4,700 returning students, tensions are high.

"Obviously, there's going to be a lot of apprehension. We just had a horrific tragedy," said Newtown Police Lieutenant George Sinko, according to Reuters. "We had babies sent to school that should be safe and they weren't. You can't help but think ... if this could happen again."

Read on for the latest developments in the tragedy that’s gripped the nation.

1. Ke$ha's "Die Young" drops on charts. The pop star's single ranked at No. 3 on radio playlists on Friday, reaching 167 million listeners across the country, according to figures from Mediabase reported by TMZ. But by Monday — just three days after the Sandy Hook mass shooting — "Die Young" lost 19 million listeners in radio play, a sign that stations are pulling the party-themed hit from airwaves.

2. Hollywood is cutting shooting scenes and cancelling premieres. After calling off the Jack Reacher premiere planned for Saturday in Pittsburg, Pa., Paramount is amending promotional materials for Tom Cruise's new action flick, which opens Friday. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that one scene in particular is sure to be scrapped from promotional spots: Cruise's character shooting a semi-automatic weapon. The Weinstein Co. cancelled the Tuesday night Los Angeles, Calif., premiere of Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino's new film starring Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio and Christoph Waltz.

3. ABC pulled murder-filled Scandal episode. The network took down the mid-season finale of the political thriller TV series from its website in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting. The hour-long episode, which aired Thursday, featured the brutal killing of a family of four. Just after it was made available on Monday, it was pulled from the site "out of respect for those affected by the tragic events in Newtown, Conn." But by Tuesday morning, the episode had been restored on

4. NBC's The Voice pays tribute. On Monday night's episode of the hit singing competition, the contestants, coaches and hosts came together on stage for a rendition of "Hallelujah" in a candle-lit tribute to the Sandy Hook victims. As the group sang somberly, they held white cards emblazoned with names of 26 killed in the massacre.

5. Funerals continue. On Monday, the Newtown community came together to lay to rest two of the tragedy's youngest victims, 6-year-old boys Jack Pinto and Noah Pozner. On Tuesday, families and friends will say goodbye to two more children, in funerals for James Mattioli and Jessica Rekos. As the town braces to bury another 22 of their own, residents and visitors have been building makeshift memorials as places to grief together.

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  • Taha

    For the people of New town of Connecticut, for parents all who have lost a loved one.i wish i can do anything to helpe those perans those one lost they love one,sorry from I and my family to u parents& state& country,our prayer with u don't feel you are alone, we are all standing behind u time like this ,our prayer day and night go to those children lost their life, also for those one faced this kind of accident, we ben seeing many of those accident, we also will see more ife we are life,because their are bad people everywhere,we just need to praye hart and more for those children one their lost their life, this children& athers, or any one ben murder by someone they will return safe to God ,and those one their survivors from kind of this accident like athers children and before like Gabriel Gaby, Arzona, or more athers,we will love them more and pray for them always,its hart to lost someone in your family especially by accident,especially when is child,bat sometimes when the things happen is happen,its what its only God can save us from everything,this is life, more we live more we see,it will make us strongr and strongr believer& foxes.Mams, Dads, Grandparents,or anyone of those lost their loved one,remember we all are nation of God we don't own ourself,this is life.friday 14,2012, when this murders take place i couldn't sleep all night,after i cray i pray for children& athers murders & parents.My message to u? Governor and people of Connecticut,and the president,of united state,first auction need to be taken remove sandy hook Elementary school to different location and change the name of school,and do all kind of security to protect our students. because that memory will remain there,every child will pass true that school it will remember bad memory, it will effect some children main,and also parents we have to change our communities behavior,everywhere to the batter,teach our children and communities how to love one athers,how to respect one athers, teachers, or anyone next to u ,or any person u see, everywhere in ur way,keep the respect first, u will be more save in your life everywhere u go. tell your child or anyone in your family respect, and help ife u can,don't make joke or fun by describing someone how they look like.or what they have or what don't have. sometimes criminal they looking for any reson to damage people life,because of one person they end up effecting athers people life.all this children they lost their life for nothing, or because of one person reson. this world look like bigger,bat this is very small world, we don't have permanent life, we need to live with love& dignity & respect , sorry agin for those families lost they love one from bottom of my hurt, ,Taha Halouf, Nashville TN 179 plus park blvd Nashville TN 37217, email,, i ask u forgive me ife am mistake to u or wrong to u,also forgive me for my English and misspelled. thank you. God bless u andyour family and may God bless united state of America.

  • Carson

    shh. much better when you dont talk.

  • Brittany Jones
    Brittany Jones

    I don't agree with editing everything in world because a tragedy happened.


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