The 10 Best and Worst Songs of 2012 (GALLERY)

Best & Worst Songs of 2012
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When putting together a list of the best and worst songs of 2012, it's impossible not to think of Carly Rae Jepsen's breakthrough pop hit "Call Me Maybe."

Unlike 2011, which rightfully belonged to British songstress Adele and her smash album 21, 2012 was the year of singles. Arguably the catchiest song of 2012, "Call Me Maybe" was a perfectly crafted pop song from a little-known Canadian artist. It was universal; everyone -- from celebrities to Olympic athletes and university students -- was a fan. Even self-absorbed hipsters found themselves singing along -- unironically! -- to the viral hit.

It's no wonder Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" leads the pack in Celebuzz's list of the Best Songs of 2012. And don't worry, Directioners, we didn't forget One Direction.

However, not every song was a universal hit this year. In fact, many songs fell flat. From the played-out shenanigans of LMFAO and their party rocking to Gotye's own viral hit "Somebody That I Used to Know," these are just a few of our  picks for the year's worst. And please, don't even get us started on Flo Rida's "Whistle."

Check out the lackluster lyrics for "Party Rock," "Somebody That I Used to Know," and "Whistle" on DirectLyrics.

Some of these songs are so bad, they have us begging for 2013. After all, it's the year Beyonce makes her epic comeback -- and reclaims her thrown as music's most talented diva. Wait, is it 2013 yet?

For our list of the Best and Worst Songs of 2012, check out the gallery above.

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  • McKamikaze21

    this song is horrible. taylor swift is horrible. her lyrics seem like they were written by a 14 year old girl who is writing in her diary.

  • Jimmy B
    Jimmy B

    No. Just, no.

  • Christopher Bubb
    Christopher Bubb

    Best cover version of Simon and Garfunkel's "Cecilia" I've ever heard. Seriously, I actually liked this, and I didn't like "We Are Young" at all.

  • Christopher Bubb
    Christopher Bubb

    If there's one person in this world who deserves to be dissed, it's Chris Brown. He is a douchebag of epic proportions. And by the way, I'm dissing the song too, as well as Chris Brown. The song is absolute garbage.

  • Christopher Bubb
    Christopher Bubb

    This wasn't THAT bad. The hook was catchy enough to ensnare even me, and I'm not a Flo Rida fan.

  • Christopher Bubb
    Christopher Bubb

    I thought "Sexy and I Know It" was bad. This is even worse, and (deservedly) flopped. Thank God they broke up.

  • Christopher Bubb
    Christopher Bubb

    I wasn't big on this song, but I wouldn't call it one of the year's worst. To call it one of the year's worst because of a grammatical error is ridiculous. You're music critics, not English teachers. Seriously.

  • Christopher Bubb
    Christopher Bubb

    What's particularly appalling is that under Billboard's new country chart rules this past year, this song made #1 on the Country Songs chart (well after most country stations had dropped the song) when there is nothing even remotely country about it. The song is catchy, but the lyrics are ridiculously juvenile. Way overrated.

  • Carolyne Walker
    Carolyne Walker

    This song sucks...

  • Brit Knee
    Brit Knee

    Throne, not THROWN. You idiots.

  • Daria Aristizabal
    Daria Aristizabal

    And she is one of the judges of America Idol just great :S

  • Daria Aristizabal
    Daria Aristizabal

    Fun is one of the WORST songs of all time :P

  • Lucy

    This is on the best list and Gotye is on the worst list? Wow, who is judging this?!

  • Ali Stensrude
    Ali Stensrude

    I Knew You Were Trouble is way better than this song.

  • Hihu

    Hey!! I found Waldo!

  • JZ

    Oh come on!!! Whistle is his best song!! Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby... here we go!!

  • Lo
    Lo're not dissing the're dissing Chris Brown..

  • elena

    She should be locked in a room where she should listen her songs for 100 hours. I bet she won't last even 10 minutes.

  • elena

    One Direction is mediocre, not good.

  • elena

    Everything they do is bad. You got that Celebuzz.

  • elena

    If you put this into worst songs, then Taylor Swift should be there too.

  • elena

    I hate this song so much.

  • Noelia Trujillo
    Noelia Trujillo

    Surprised you thought "Somebody That I Used To Know" was more annoying than this song lol

  • Christy

    Honestly Gotye had a perfect title for his song because the lyric that repeats in the song is "now you're just somebody that I used to know" he just didn't add "now you're just." To it because it was too long. It's not a bad song it just got overly played everywhere and made into a remix that sounded horrible.

  • Skyler Nein
    Skyler Nein

    This should have been of the best songs of 2012.

  • Steph

    Are you kidding me. This was seriously the worst song of 2012. I can think of way worse songs then this...incuding Taylor Swifts lame song, we are never ever getting back together.