‘The Voice’ Performance Finale: 10 Things You Didn’t See on TV (VIDEO)

'The Voice' S3 Finalists
The Top 3 are chosen to move on to the finals.
The finalists’ performances are done and the votes and iTunes purchases will now be counted to determine the winner on NBC’s The Voice.

Cassadee Pope, Nicholas David, and Terry McDermott all performed three songs on the last performance show of Season 3 Monday night. In addition to their competition songs, the singers each performed their breakout song –- from a previous performance – and a duet with their coach.

The three finalists also came together with coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green and fellow Top 20 contestants to perform a moving and powerful tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook School Shooting in Newtown, Conn. With a candle lit for each victim, they took the stage to perform a gorgeous rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Halleluiah” each holding the name of one of the deceased.

Celebuzz was once again in the audience for the episode, to get you the behind-the-scenes scoop on the final night of performances. Here are 10 things you didn’t see on TV:

1. The coaches performed. Pre-taped performances have been a big part of The Voice all season. Often when there is a musical guest, the show will pre-tape their performance to make the live show run smoother. On Monday, the coaches performed Green Day’s “Time of Your Life” which will open Tuesday’s finale. They performed the song twice for the crowd before the show went live. But the very first time they attempted the performance, Shelton messed up the words. Aguilera joked to producers, “Take the red cup away from him.”

2. A moving moment. Also pre-recorded was the touching tribute to Newtown mentioned above. The crew made sure the performance was perfect, polishing the candleholders for almost a minute before “Halleluiah” started. The warm-up guy instructed the crowd for silence as the group performed the song twice. We were also informed that the decision for this performance was decided Monday morning. On a side note, watching this live absolutely destroyed me and some others in the crowd. Many tissues were needed.

3. Even the contestants are fans. Sitting at the top of our section was much of the Top 20. Though photography isn’t really allowed inside the studio, we saw Rudy Parris take out his camera to snap a shot.

4. Carson Daly is a fun host. Not only did we catch Daly singing along to Nicholas David’s performance of “Lean on Me” but we also saw him dancing to one of Aguilera’s tunes playing over the speakers.

5. Jokesters.There was a funny moment between Carson and Blake while Terry McDermott’s package was playing on the screen. As the host went over to talk to the country star, they laughed and played with Shelton pretending to put his hands around Daly’s neck.

6. Give me the mic. Everytime a contestant gets off the stage, there’s a man waiting for them who takes their mic and gets it ready for the next performance. His job is literally to take their microphone away.

7. Christina loves her feet. If you’ve ever seen how tall Xtina’s heels are, then you probably wouldn’t be surprised that she sometimes lets her feet be free and goes sans shoes on set. But that’s not the only tidbit we have on her tootsies – the Your Body singer was also seen getting a foot rub during a commercial break.

8. Terry’s son is the cutest.McDermott’s wife and son were both in the live studio audience on Monday and little Liam was looking adorable. Decked in a mini-Blake outfit with a white button down shirt and vest, Liam and the warm up guy talked about his Dad’s success and their visit to Shelton’s “humongous” house.

9. Christina loves her fans. Still barefoot, the singer headed over to the pit to sign copies of her CDs for a few lucky fans.

10. Who’s cuter? There were a lot of great kid comments during the commercial breaks. Our favorite? When the warm up guy asked a 10-year-old if she thought Blake was cuter than Adam and she said, “Hmm, I don’t know.”

The finale of The Voice airs tomorrow at 9 PM on NBC. Monday night’s episode will be replayed in a 60-minute edition at 8 PM.

Now that you’ve seen them perform, who do you think will win The Voice? Sound off in the comments below!

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