'This Is 40' Star Leslie Mann Says Childless Actresses Playing Mothers 'Doesn’t Seem Right' (VIDEO)

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'This Is 40' Filming
Jason Segel & Leslie Mann Film 'This is 40'
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After a series of films in which Judd Apatow examined first relationships (The 40-Year-Old Virgin), child rearing (Knocked Up), and the vagaries of grown-up success (Funny People), the filmmaker is examining advancing age, and more specifically, the challenges of keeping a marriage going, in This Is 40. And according to star Leslie Mann, it takes having that experience to truly know how to perform it on screen.

“Sometimes when I watch actresses play mothers who I know in real life aren’t mothers, I think, huh, that doesn’t seem right,” Mann told Celebuzz. “So yeah, maybe it was helpful that I’m a mother.”

Paul Rudd, who plays her on-screen spouse, said that he and Mann (and Apatow) did a lot of the work when they worked together on Knocked Up, which is where the couple’s characters first appeared.

“We spent a lot of time when we were doing Knocked Up about the dynamic that we each share with our spouse, our parents, having kids ourselves,” he revealed. “We kept that conversation going a few years later when we started this.”

This Is 40 opens in theaters nationwide on December 21. Watch the theatrical trailer below, and let us know what you think of the film in the comments section!

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  • katphoti

    How about we start hiring actresses to play moms that LOOK like 40-year-old moms? You know what I'd like to see? A movie that REALLY depicts people at 40. You know: Mom is bottom heavy with saggy breasts after birthing 3 kids, don't wear makeup anymore and keeps her hair in a bun because it's easy; Dad has a pot belly, flabby arms, fishbelly white skin, and wears cargo shorts, flip flops, T-shirts, and doesn't shave on weekends. None of these sexy, skinny bitches with perfect hair, breasts and skin who wear makeup and cute boy shorts and tank tops to bed, or men who have perfectly flat stomachs with some tone to their arms, and even though his wife is super hot he's staring after some other cute, skinny bitch in the film. If you're going to have hot moms and dads in your movie, at least show them going to the gym or going jogging once in a while to prove that they have to work hard to keep those bodies and they don't magically happen that way. Hell, show them popping skinny pills if you want--just be REAL. I'm sick of these romantic comedies that are "supposed" to depict real life. What you believe is real life is NOT real life, Hollywood.

  • Kristine

    "This is an IQ of 40."

  • Kristine

    And I hope that this talentless wonder never plays an actress! What a dim bulb. Who is she, anyway?

  • B. R.
    B. R.

    That's because she's a mother and not a real actress....what an idiotic remark, luckily I don't watch any of her crappy movies...

  • copa cabana
    copa cabana

    I imagine actors who haven't killed a person shouldn't play murderers either?

  • Mary Martinson
    Mary Martinson

    It's called ACTING. Sir Ian McKellen isn't a wizard and Sir Patrick Stewart isn't the Captain of a spaceship. Shame on you Leslie.