Behind the Scenes of the Kardashians’ Christmas Card (PHOTOS)

The Kardashian sisters do London, England in style
Creating an annual holiday card can be quite an ordeal – especially when it involves over ten people with jam-packed schedules!

The Kardashians know the pressure’s on to produce consistently fabulous cards and this year they definitely did not disappoint.

Both Kim and Kourtney shared a behind the scenes look at what goes into putting together their holiday hijinks.

While the entire card looks seamless, there were a few tricks to ensure that the photo was a resounding success.

Khloe Kardashian revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that she and Lamar Odom had to be Photoshopped in due to scheduling conflicts.

Scott Disick and Kendall Jenner also had to be added into the mix this year. Disick was out of town during the shoot and Kendall had fallen ill with a cold.

Could you tell they were Photoshopped in?

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