Sandy Hook School Shooting: 6 Latest Developments in Newtown, Conn., Tragedy

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Sandy Hook Shooting
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Sandy Hook: Celebs React
Celebrities react to the horrific tragedy in Newtown, Conn.
As Newtown, Conn., reels from the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting, the tragedy-stricken community continues to say goodbye to the victims.

The small New England town will see six more funerals and remembrances on Wednesday, less than a week after Adam Lanza stormed into Sandy Hook and gunned down 26 victims — 20 children and 6 adults — in one of the deadliest school shootings in United States history.

Along with funerals for four children who lost their lives on Friday, Newtown will memorialize Sandy Hook’s beloved principal, Dawn Hochsprung, and first-grade teacher Victoria Soto, who died shielding her students from the gunman.

Read on for the latest developments in the tragedy that’s gripped the nation.

1. President Barack Obama to lay out plan on gun control.
Following public outcry for tighter gun controls, the POTUS is set to announce Wednesday that Vice President Joe Biden will lead an inter-agency process to develop new policy in the wake of the school massacre.

2. Authorities unable to retrieve information from gunman’s computer.
Adam Lanza apparently smashed his computer and damaged the hard drive, a law enforcement official said according to CNN. The FBI is assisting the Connecticut State Police in the investigation to try to retrieve data.

3. National Rifle Association releases statement on Sandy Hook.
“Out of respect for the families, and as a matter of common decency, we have given time for mourning, prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting,” the nation’s leading gu rights lobby said. “The NRA is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.” The group is planning to hold a news conference on Friday.

4. Sandy Hook students won’t return to school until 2013.
Though roughly 4,700 pupils returned to Newtown classrooms on Tuesday, Sandy Hook remains shuts. The victims will never return to the building, now considered a crime scene following Friday’s bloodshed. Now the district is making plans to enroll surviving students at a former school building in the neighboring town of Monroe, Conn. But Sandy Hook students will not resume classes until January.

5. Ke$ha speaks out on “Die Young” controversy.
Just three days after the Sandy Hook mass shooting, Ke$ha’s chart-blazing single “Die Young” lost 19 million listeners in radio play, a sign that stations pulled the hit from airwaves in the wake of the tragedy. Now the pop star is saying she did not want to sing those party-themed lyrics in the first place. “I understand. I had my very own issue with ‘die young’ for this reason,” Ke$ha tweeted on Tuesday, a message that has since been deleted. “I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO.” She later added, “I’m so so so sorry for anyone who has been effected by this tragedy.and I understand why my song is now inappropriate. words cannot express.”

6. Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” pulled from radio playlists.
The group’s hit song about school shootings — which includes lyrics like, “You better run, better run, faster than my bullet” — is getting less airplay in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre. L.A.’s KIIS-FM yanked the tune from rotation, as did the WDAQ radio station in Danbury, Conn.

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