TLC’s ‘Cheer Perfection’ Cast Defends Cheerleading as a Sport (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

The moms are demanding and the kids are talented, so what sets TLC’s new series Cheer Perfection apart from the cable network’s hit Toddlers & Tiaras? Pageants could never classify as a sport.

When the cast visited Celebuzz’s Hollywood studio, these moms and kids insist that this pep club isn’t just a pastime.

“Hopefully this show will show the world that cheerleading is a sport,” says mom and coach Alisha Dunlap.

“These kids have to have so much strength, flexibility, agility, determination. There’s so much involved in the all-star cheerleading world that I wish more people took it serious and really knew how hard these kids worked.

Cheer Perfection premieres Wednesday at 10PM on TLC.

Also, find out who the toughest mom is and who’s the biggest pushover. Watch our full interview with the cast above.

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