‘X Factor’ Finale Performances Minute-By-Minute Recap: Watch With Celebuzz!

Khloe's 'X Factor' Fashion
Look back on the co-host's stylish looks.
8:00 PM Hello everyone, this is Jethro Nededog, Celebuzz’s Senior TV Editor. I’m here live at FOX’s The X Factor at CBS Television City in Los Angeles. I’ll be giving you an idea of what’s going down back here and give you my take on the night’s performances. Ready?

Right off the top, judge and executive producer Simon Cowell gave a statement on the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School last week. And instantly, we saw a host of returning singers from the season singing Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone.”  Did you catch The Voice’s tribute on Tuesday night? It was very good...

8:06 So, here we are with the package about this season’s final 3, Tate Stevens, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Fifth Harmony. Which one are you pulling for?

8:07 And wow, straight into a huge percussion introduction into the judges and their finalists. Demi Lovato is looking lovely in an LBD, may I say. Love that Tate is wearing the all-white — evoking Western “good guy” cowboy.

8:09 And what will host Khloe Kardashian Odom unveil on us fashion-wise? She looks lovely with librarian on top and short skirt on bottom — a little for everyone? Is it possible that Khloe is more tan than co-host Mario Lopez?

8:14 We’re back from break and here’s the lay of the land: The singers will sing a song they’ve sung before, an all-star duet and I missed the third one. You can tell me in the comments what that is! Carly will kick off the night with “Feelin’ Good.” And, of course, Carly is killing it. It’s always amazing the voice that comes out of that tiny body! What’d you think of it?

8:20 Judge L.A. Reid says she’s topped herself tonight. And Demi says that she’s definitely going to inspire a lot of young girls with that one. Simon says he can tell that she’s in it to win it and that he performed the song better this time around.

By the way, if kids were looking up to her before there’s now more of a reason. Carly now has a whole day dedicated to her in hometown, Westchester, N.Y. Aim high.

8:28 We’re back and Tate is up next. Tate has pretty much held on to the top spot in the rankings each week during the live shows — save one week in which Carly took it. OMG! I’m loving the home video from his wedding. Look how young he is! Imagine that he was against the idea of doing the show when his family suggested it? Definitely, he’s giving us the hard sell, saying he needs to win. I definitely think his age and his family situation makes the stakes higher for him.

8:32 And he’s performing “Anything Goes” from his original audition. Good one. It was definitely the one that won the stadium over that day. And he is giving it everything he has! Britney says that when he does country right down the middle, he’s right on. Demi tells him he’s elevated the song to stadium level. And Simon agreed. L.A. makes sure everyone knows that his singer is still loveable.

8:36 Going to the live audience in Tate’s hometown, his boss kills me. When asked if he expects Tate to come back to work, he says, “Hell No.”

8:41 It’s now time for underdogs, Fifth Harmony. Funny that Simon would have them do “Anything Could Happen” again so soon. But, he thinks this is the song that really represented the group’s breakout. He would be right, but I think I would have liked to hear something from earlier in the competition. How about you? Too soon or a good reminder of their rise for you?

8:55 Carly kicks off the “surprise” songs with her superstar guest singer LeAnn Rimes on “How Do I Live Without You.” It’s not sounding too great, people. LeAnn is sick, but wow. Catch Britney’s worried face! It sort of just fell apart from the very beginning… At the end, Britney calls it “shockingly amazing.” Well, she was half right.

9:06 Tate takes on a fun little ditty from Little Big Town called “Pontoon.” I’m not sure it was the best representation of his game? He looked a bit awkward in between those two ladies. L.A. is so full of spin. “You look so comfortable,” he says. Yeah, sure, L.A. What’d you think of his comfort level during the performance?

9:16 Fifth Harmony is performing with judge Demi on her hit “Give Your Heart A Break” – actually one of my faves of the summer. I’m a little excited about this one. Demi, of course, is killing it. How smart was Simon to set this up? He calls it “pop perfection.” I would have to agree.

9:23 OK, commercial break. Let me give you an idea of what’s going on back here. LeAnn has come back to eat some chicken and waffles. And I hear Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from MTV’s Jersey Shore has moved from his seat in the audience to back here for a snack too. Simon was just seen smoking a cigarette outside, I’m told by a fellow reporter.

9:26 We’re back with Carly and she’s got a full choir army surrounding her as she’s perched on a stand in a white dress like an angel. Oh, and did we mention she’s singing “Hallelujah.” It’s of course very well sung, but I think I would have liked a much softer version of that song and she didn’t have to hit it so hard. It’s not even certain if that’s good enough for L.A., but he says… “It’s not up to me.” Gawd. Britney tries a save by saying it’s definitely worth $5 million and they should get their checks out. Do you agree?

9:36 L.A. reminds us that he had a “little” tantrum when he found out he had the Over 25s. From what I remember, it wasn’t very “little.” What has Tate chosen to leave voters with? Chris Young’s “Tomorrow.” I think that was exactly what his fans want and he plotted that exactly right. Tears are going to flow anytime now, I’m sure. Demi is pretty much there, realizing this is Tate’s last performance of the season. I think that was enough for the win. Do you?

9:43 God bless Tate’s home fans. If they were in a competition agains the fans for the other finalists, they would win. They are cracking me up!

9:47 There are signed photos of the all the Top 13 contestants hanging on the walls back here and I’m trying to figure out how to steal one as if they were the flower centerpieces at a wedding.

9:48 Alright, what will Fifth Harmony try to clinch the win with? The Beatles’ “Let It Be.” I thought it was great and L.A. is giving them a whole lot of props. I can’t say that they blew me away, but I may be overthinking this.

Overall, there certainly seems to be that missing “moment” one feels when it’s the last chance for singers to sing their hearts out for votes and this is it — their final bid to win anyone over. Here’s my final take. Tate was solid, Fifth Harmony stepped up to the plate and Carly didn’t shine bright enough.

Who do you think should get the win tonight? And who do you think will win? Those answers can be different things, folks. Love to hear from you! Good night! 

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