Was Vanessa Hudgens’ Black Lacy Dress a Hit or a Miss? Join Our Style Squad and Help Us Decide (PHOTOS)

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Vanessa Hudgens’ latest lace look has us stumped. A departure from her usual boho style, Hudgens donned an all-black ensemble to the Charity Meets Holiday Fashion Celebration in New York City that left us debating whether it was a hit or a miss.

The black-on-black outfit was a more structured and sophisticated look than we’re used to seeing the star wear — which we loved. The Spring Breakers star also scored major styling points for the chic mix of feminine lace punctuated with a red pout and tough, menswear-inspired pieces, and the cool, unfussy vibe created by the jacket’s rolled sleeves and the slightly undone ponytail.

But we had mixed feelings about the lace on lace look and choice of footwear. We couldn’t decide if the lace floral-embellished tights were overkill with the dresses’ lace neckline and the tough ankle booties. Another hang-up we had with Hudgens’ look: The entire outfit looked like it could have used a quick steaming before hitting the red carpet.

Were we being too nitpicky? We couldn’t decide, so we turned to Twitter and Facebook to help us make up our mind.

How did the former Disney star’s red carpet style fare on Twitter?  It turns out the Twittersphere was far more decisive than we were about the lace-on-lace look.



While the feedback on Facebook was equally as decisive, Hudgens’ lace look didn’t garner many likes…

 ugly! needs to steam the dress… printed tights are TOO much… looks goth  – Meggy Montana

The blazer and the lace made the clothes look heavy on her. Had she just been wearing the dress with the lace it would have been a younger more effortless look! xo  – Taylor Kaplan

For such a beautiful young actress, she aged herself about 4 decades with this outfit choice. She looks dated, washed-out and too similar to a member of the Adams family! -- Alexandra Krotinger

Lets just say this its not right for her at all… she has had better days – Chris Smith

Romy and Michelle’s costume department called… — Tansu Akman-Duffy

Unfortunately, the mixed responses didn’t exactly solve our style struggle.

So now we’re asking you to join our Style Squad this week and weigh in on the A-lister’s black ensemble.

Love it or loathe it?

Take a closer look at Vanessa’s all-black ensemble.

Then weigh in on Vanessa’s look below — and stay tuned to find out whether you voted the lace-on-lace look a hit or a miss. 


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