‘X Factor’ Finale Results Live Blog: Watch With Celebuzz!

The votes have been cast and someone at FOX’s The X Factor knows who will walk away with a five million dollar prize.

Will it be the soft-hearted cowboy, Tate Stevens? Or will the young phenom Carly Rose Sonenclar recapture the No. 1 spot when it really counts? Or have the underdogs Fifth Harmony convinced America that it has earned the title with weeks of hard work that has finally paid off?

Will your favorite act walk away with the ultimate prize? Watch along with Celebuzz below in our minute-by-minute live blog starting at 8PM ET.

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7:45 PM While you’re waiting, vote in our poll: Who should win The X Factor?

8PM Hello, everyone! This is Celebuzz’s Senior Editor Jethro Nededog. Thanks for joining us for the live finale! Hosts Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian Odom are acting like the finale’s welcoming committee. Aside from the judges, guests One Direction and Pitbull arrive at the red carpet in their cars.

8:08 Khloe looks lovely in green. She’s really been pushing the fashion envelope this season. What are your thoughts on her weekly fashions?

8:10 The Top 3 should be onstage? Technical difficulties, X Factor? Love that Mario tried to make light of the snafu! Earning his paycheck. Fun little opening by the Final 3 on The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love.” There have been a lot of songs from the iconic British band these last few weeks. Was there a licensing sale? It’s a really fun performance and I’m sure the finalists are happy to perform without further being critiqued!

8:14 Commercial break: The finalists will sing a holiday song. Which ones do you hope they’ll tackle? I’d love if Fifth Harmony does something like Mariah Carey’s“All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

8:18 We’re back! And there’s a little video package on how involved L.A. gets during performances. It should also be called “Awk-ward.” Tate is first up with his holiday song. Aw, he’s up there with some very cute dancers while he sings the Eagles’ “Please Come Home For Christmas.” He’s in such good spirits. Having spoken to him every week after the shows, I’d like to vouch for just how nice he is.

8:25 I can’t get enough of Tate’s hometown crowd in Belton. They all seem like great (and funny) people. Oh, my, his wife Ashlie, you are going to make us all cry! OH GAWD, FOX, his mom and dad and children? Tate, let it flow, man. We won’t judge. I also can’t imagine what a Tater Pie would taste like, but I’m sure it’s damn good.

8:31 Let’s talk Fifth Harmony for a sec. They’re up soon with their holiday song. They really are great gals and I’m very happy for them. I’d love for them to win, but I think Tate will. He, of course, deserves it too. Carly is a powerful young singer, but I really don’t feel her performances. Maybe, in a few years and a bit more life experience?

OK, so I wasn’t too far off. The girls are singing a different Mariah song: “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” I love that performance and the very cute choreography.

8:36 Here’s the family video messages and I can’t even imagine how emotional Fifth Harmony must be feeling. Not to spin for Simon Cowell, but this girls really came from being very separate people to a unified team while America watched. And that’s definitely worth something. Don’t you think?

8:44 Britney’s faces! Seriously, I wondered if she had a sense of humor about it all. And I’m happy to see that she does. Carly’s holiday song is the one I wanted to hear from Fifth Harmony — see above — but she of course can pull it off. She looks very pretty in all red and sparkles. Now, I’m a bit confused by Britney’s “Grey Gardens” eye makeup. Isn’t it a bit like someone with a shaky hand applied it? Just me?

8:51 Carly’s a little bit of a hard nut to break. I’m saying this from speaking with her every week this season. So, I really wasn’t expecting her to break down watching her family’s video.

We’re one commercial break away from the announcement of third place. It always make me a bit nervous, only because they’re just rushed off stage pretty much after we’ve gotten attached over the season. I know, I’ll get over it. Tonight’s really about the winner and the sooner we kick the others off the stage, the sooner we can drop the confetti. Who do you think will take third?

8:57 Oh, gosh. It’s time. I’m really nervous for whomever places third. It really can be either Carly or Fifth Harmony. Now, if it’s Carly that means last night’s sort of inconsistent performances really hit her hard. Here we go… OH! Simon and his group’s rallying cry has been “Anything Can Happen.” They may have used up all of the magic on that motto by making it to the finals in the first place.

Of course, they’re lucky to have Simon. He can really just sign them up for their contract tonight. Are you bummed to see them go or are you pretty much saying, eh, no surprise here?

9:03 Let’s do a check in to our poll. As of now, 55 percent say Carly will win while 27 percent say it’ll be Tate. Wow. I’m not sure I would have thought that Carly would have almost double the votes! Who are you pulling for?

9:08 Khloe is backstage with Carly and family. There’s that brother that she dedicated a song to earlier in the competition. And there’s Tate who’s thanking his family. There’s mom! I love how both moms congratulated the other’s kid.

9:11 While we’re watching this video package on the season’s path to today, I want to hear from you. How do you think the judges did? Did Britney live up to hype? Was Demi all you wanted? Does it surprise you that L.A. is leaving after this season? Do you think Demi will or should come back? How about Britney? Weigh in, people, in the comments below.

9:15 Who do you miss the most? I have to say CeCe Frey and Beatrice Miller. Both were very bratty backstage and I loved that. You have to enjoy when someone doesn’t care what they say and even dares the judges to keep throwing the punches.

9:19 Commercial break: Pitbull is up next. Question: How many of you actually own a Pitbull CD?

9:22 We’re back with Pitbull and “Don’t Stop The Party.” Obviously, you’ve heard this song on the radio or somewhere. It’s a bit unescapable, no? I always wonder if these “ringers” (rapper-singers) would ever make it very far on these shows — or even win? I don’t think America is ready for that. Hell, we’re still wondering if a country star should win The X Factor.

9:30 Back from commercials and a video package tracking Simon and Demi’s season-long contentious back and forth. I really think he was annoyed when she grabbed his mic. But, Simon knows that’s entertaining to viewers.

OK, moms and dads, lock your tweens (and T-Swifts) away: One Direction is on with “Kiss You.” Of course, Cowell is very proud of these grads from The X Factor UK. It remains to be seen if an American show like this one or The Voice can do something similar. Do you think anyone from either show this season can be as big?

9:41 Khloe is in the crowd and I’m so surprised to see a young supporter of Tate. Then, oooh, another song with both finalists on Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb.” I love Tate on this song. It’s like Carly’s wheelhouse and a bit juvenile for him but he’s always a great sport.

9:46 They really don’t ask much of Britney along the ways of statements. L.A. delivered this whole speech about the sacrifices Tate has made to be here. And then Britney? “I’m so proud of her.”

So, who do you think you should return next season? Ratings have been about 25 percent lower this season. Are we in for another big firing or do you think that Simon will keep things status quo?

9:52 Oy, vey, here we go. (Is this Khloe’s third outfit change?) OK, back from checking out the fashion. Britney and Carly just took the stage followed by L.A. and Tate… Oh my gosh, Carly’s so worried looking. Mario starts the announcement… It’s TATE! And we get a winning song?

Honestly, I’m really happy for Tate. He’s a very nice guy, clearly his family will really benefit from the win.

That’s Season 2, folks. Thanks for joining me and Celebuzz for the finale! We’re looking f0rward to doing this more with you!

Does Tate have the “X Factor” in your opinion?