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When we were tasked to pick our 10 best and worst shows of 2012, we realized that in this TV landscape there was absolutely no way we could only pick five for our best of the year. So, Celebuzz went bigger and went for 20.

In the age of DVRs and delayed viewing, people are watching more TV than ever. But, this year there were a handful of these shows that became appointment television. Case in point, Showtime’s Homeland. Missing a Sunday night episode of the Emmy-winning drama’s second season had fans avoiding their Twitters and Faceboooks and even their friends the next morning, so they wouldn’t be spoiled.

Same goes for AMC’s The Walking Dead and ABC’s Scandal. Making it through a week without having watched the most recent episode was a hard feat to manage. Not all of our favorites were shocking dramas, though. We also couldn’t stop laughing at ABC’s hilarious cast of the under-appreciated Happy Endings and we were more than excited that Mindy Kaling was coming to TV in her very own show, The Mindy Project.

Of course, not all shows on the small screen had us addicted to the tube or laughing so hard we cried. Some of the broadcast network’s freshman comedies fell flat this year despite being picked up for full seasons.

ABC’s The Neighbors, about a family, which moves into a community of aliens was particularly light on the laughs. We also could have done without NBC’s Guys With Kids.

For our list of Best and Worst TV Shows of 2012, launch the gallery above.

What were your favorite and least favorite shows of the year?

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