Carly Rae Jepsen on MTV’s ‘This Is How I Made It’: How Justin Bieber Gave Me ‘My Big Break’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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The story of how Carly Rae Jepsen made it big is a well-known one. Phenom Justin Bieber heard her infectious song, “Call Me Maybe,” on the radio while home in Canada and signed her to his label shortly thereafter.

But not everyone has heard the story straight from Jepsen herself.

Celebuzz has an exclusive clip of the pop star talking about her rise to the top on an upcoming episode of MTV’s This Is How I Made It.

“I remember getting a hysterical phone call from my younger sister Katie who was like, ‘Justin Bieber! He tweeted your song!,’” she recalls in the clip. “I was like ‘Calm down, what’s going on?’ and I went and checked it out and she was right – he had.”

“’Call Me Maybe’ had been playing on the radio for a little bit at this point,” she continued. “It had been mingling in the top 11 on iTunes within Canada and it had no life anywhere else. And Justin comes home and tweets about it and within a day it’s at No. 1 and that really was my big break.”

Jepsen was the first artist signed to Bieber’s label, School Boy Records, in early 2012.

“I got a call from my manager who said, ‘You’re not going to believe this, but I got a call from Scooter Braun and Justin Bieber and they’re considering starting a label and they want you to be the first official artist that they sign,” she said. “Then Justin Bieber announced it on MuchMusic. As soon as it went that public, I got a swarm of phone calls from all my friends and family with everyone just being like ‘What is happening to your life?’ and I was like ‘I have no idea but it’s pretty cool.’”

Watch our exclusive clip of Jepsen above, and check out the lyrics for “Call Me Maybe” on DirectLyrics.

Jepsen’s episode of This is How I Made It airs Saturday at noon on MTV.

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