Chris Brown Tweets, Then Deletes, Picture of Rihanna Days After Breakup (PHOTO)

Rihanna's 'Baby'
Rihanna shares new photo and poses with a joint. Read More »

And the never-ending saga continues.

Chris Brown on Thursday tweeted -- then quickly deleted, of course -- an intimate photo of him and his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, just days after the couple reportedly parted ways.

The photo -- which appears to have been taken recently, based on Rihanna's haircut -- features the embattled couple snuggling up and making kissy faces in front of the camera -- a sign, perhaps, of happier times.

Why Brown deleted the photo is unclear; however he kept it up just long enough for fans to save it and subsequently share it around the Internet.

The couple had been rumored to be dating again after splitting up in February 2009, following an incident in which Brown, 23, brutally attacked Rihanna, 24, just prior to the Grammy awards.

Reports say it ended when Brown was photographed grabbing food with his ex-girlfriend in Dubai. The incident led to a number of angry tweets from Rihanna, who yelled on Dec. 10, "Examine what you tolerate,” ”Goodbye muthaf**ker,” and “You give, you get, then you give it the f**k back."

She later posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption, "Being single sucks. The only thing I get to do anymore is whatever the f**k I want to do."

And that's all she wrote.

Do you want to see them get back together again? Or is it time for Brown and Rihanna to, you know, move on? Sound off below.

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  • Siziba Siesta
    Siziba Siesta

    so what happened to rihanna nd chris brown

  • cm

    lol you say theyre just friends and them being dating is a lie, but theyre your favorite couple ever? hows that logic workin for you lol

  • Terrionnagorgeousxoxo

    This is crayy crayy to be honest wtf is goin on wats the point of puttin pics on twitter if you delete the ish a min. Later i dnt get it seems like they ralationship ,friendship whateva it is ,is all via twitter she being kinda thirsty to me but the reality of it is,that its immature and its getting old i dnt support him & her being together i like cb though

  • Justice!

    Oooooh myyy goooddd!!! how can you even ask if they should get back together,for god's sake,he BEAT HER UP! o.O He shoul be in jail end of discussion the two are sick!

  • roxy

    I see that these two women are clinging onto him but while Rihanna still loves him, karueche is there for sheer need, fear of losing the lifestyle she had, and why not say it (she is stubborn and proud and can't accept the idea of losing) more because of her competing with Rihanna than for anything else. This karueche girl is distasteful. I don't know if she has any idea of what she projects out there.

  • jazz

    Wow you really love Chris Brown and Rihanna...personally I'm tired of them both as a couple. I think that everything they are doing is for publicity. If they are together and truly feel as if it is no one's business then stop making it everyone's business by posting pics of of you two on instagram and making everything public on twitter! He is probably messing with Rihanna and his ex/current who knows. This is getting old. Why don't they just clear it up for all and tweet if they are together or not? Instead of posting pics and taking them down. Who does that?

  • Janice

    Rihanna just posted a pic of the two of them holding hands then she deleted it. I wonder why you didn't post about that too? Stop your lying biased coverage. They will love each other to the end if you pp in the media like it or not!

  • Janice

    Everything you just wrote is taken weeks out of context. Why do you ppl in the media just continue to spread lies? Chris Brown and Rihanna have said they were just friends. They have not been in a relationship so how can they break up? The above pic is obviously recent you can tell by CBs hair color which has been blonde since his Paris, France concert 2 weeks ago where Rihanna joined him! Kea Tran WAS NEVER IN DUBIA with Chris when he performed last week so stop spreading lies! Chris and Rihanna are my favorite couple period!