Giveaway Alert! Enter To Win 'Kardashian Konfidential' Signed By Kim, Khloe and Kourtney


Are you crazy for the Kardashian’s?

Celebuzz got KimKhloe and Kourtney to sign a copy of their autobiography, Kardashian Konfidential. Enter for your chance to win the signed book by leaving us a comment below saying which Kardashian sister is your favorite and why.

You may think you know everything about the Kardashian’s, but you don’t know everything... yet. In Kardashian Konfidential, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney give a first-hand look at their glamorous lives from the red carpet to the clubs.

You can pick up Kardashian Konfidential (St. Martin’s Press) on Amazon now, and be sure to enter to win the signed copy below.

Check out the official sites for KimKhloe, and Kourtney to get the latest on everything Kardashian.

What’s Up For Grabs:
  • Autographed copy of Kardashian Konfidential by Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian
How To Enter:
  • Simply scroll down to the comments section below and leave us a comment saying which Kardashian sister is your favorite and why.
The giveaway will close on Friday, Dec. 21 at 11:59PM EST.


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  • Shemp DeYoung
    Shemp DeYoung

    I gotta go with Kris. The lady is sly as a fox.

  • kieraprobert

    If I had to pick one sister it would be Khloe. Khloe has a great personality and has one of the best relationships in the world with Lamar. When I watch Keeping Up I can see that she is very down to earth (as they all are), and a genuinely nice person. When I read 'Kris Jenner and all things Kardashian' Kris wrote about how Khloe would look after Kendall and Kylie when they were younger and that just made me love her even more! I love them all but maybe Khloe just reaches the top of the tree. :)

  • KhloeFan

    My Fav Kardashian sister is Khloe, i love her sooo much! I always look up to her, how she overcame her fathers death. Shes gorges, beautiful, funny, sexy and shes the best wife,sister, aunt and daughter. I love the way she treats her friends, family and fans,the way she treats Maison and Penelopie. She has so many problems, she crys, she gets hurt but at the end of the day she always has her smile on no mater what

  • lalaaprilla27

    if i had to pick one sister it would be Kourtney, she never fails to make me laugh when i'm watching the show and i love how she is such a great mother and wife.She has a great sense of style and is very inspirational!(:

  • Bianca Moura
    Bianca Moura

    Kim. After everything that has happened in her life, she still manages to give good examples and we just always proud of her ... In my country Brazil, not yet reached the Kardashian Konfidential and I really wanted to read.

  • Debbie B
    Debbie B

    i like all 3 - but i think my favorite is Khloe - she is funny and I like the way she says what is on her mind


    khloe..real and not afraid of her curves

  • Bonnie

    I dont know what it is, But I lov watching thisw family. They are real, they dont let anything get in there way when they want to get something done. I would love to get a copy of this book., Keep up the amazing job of keeping it real

  • Kaila

    I like Kim because she is honest and genuine.

  • Kimberly Gomes
    Kimberly Gomes

    My favorite Kardashian would definitely have to be Khloe Kardashian Odom. Simply because she has humility, takes no nonsense and says it like it is. Khloe keeps her family sane. Not to mention she is what a true definition of a wife should be. Whatever road Lamar takes Khloe is right behind him to make sure hes got her to support him, and to make sure that Lamar has everything he would ever need. Simply said, she is a loving, professional and most of all REAL women and completely blows every Kardashian out of the water.

  • sirsaid

    i like kim as she like apiece of beauty and Star shines brightly in the sky

  • stephmoreno12

    Kourtney is my favourite! She has the most amazing style, seem like the most down to earth Kardashian. Not to mention her cute little Mason!

  • Kate

    I would say my favorite is Kim. I can relate to her most. I love her sense of style, love for family, and work ethic. She is conservative and still likes to have and joke around with her sisters. I believe she is genuine and I love that about her

  • nelamlad

    My favourite must be without a doubt Khloé! she is such a great person, always so greatful towards her fans, she always keep a positive attitude about life, she is a very strong woman always seek the good in every situation and come out stronger than before when she has a rough time, she really is someone one can look up to

  • Emma Villatoro
    Emma Villatoro

    My favorite Kardashian girl is....... definitely Khloe. Why??? There are sooo many reasons why but mostly because she is a very honest girl who always confronts people, she is very funny and mostly because she is a really good role model to young girls all around the world because even though she has two sisters that are very skinny, she is very proud of her curves and I love that :)

  • smile4111

    Khloe is my favorite because of her humor! Despite being in the limelight she is herself all the time

  • Megs

    I love all the Kardashians so much, they are my life and inspirations. I love you guys!<3

  • Christopher Rodriguez
    Christopher Rodriguez

    They each complement each other so well, but I have to go with Khloe because she's never afraid to say what's on her mind. Would love to give this to my lil sis for an extra xmas gift!

  • Roserosey

    If i had to choose, its Khloe. She is so gorgeous and so down to earth. I love her with all my heart. She always cares about her fans, especially when she replies to them or follows them on twitter!! Its so incredible, how much she has moved me, and millions of fans from around the worls. She is truly inspiring and can always make the best out of the worst. Like when she replied to someone and said "dont hate me cuz you aint me." that was very funny. but at the same time, it has mad me feel good about myself. I love you Khloe! and I love Kim and Kourtney too:)

  • Danielle Menefee
    Danielle Menefee

    My favorite Kardashian sister is Kloe Kardashian she is the sweetest person and her love for Lamar is spectacular it shows so much she talks to him such a lovey dovey voice and its so cute. I also think she is a great aunt to her nephew and beautiful niece. She is the glue that holds the sisters together and I think Rob should feel lucky to have such great sisters and a family oriented family thats sticks together no matter what.

  • poorbabi

    Kim looks good all the time. How does she do it

  • poorbabi

    Kim always looks great. How does she always do it

  • poorbabi

    Kim always looks great

  • Cheri

    I too love all the sisters, but my favorite is Kim. Many people dislike her because they think she is stuck up and whatnot. Aside from her looks, she has a heart of gold and should be credited for her smart business sense and for being down to earth. Because of her looks she has negativity in her life from the opposite side of the fence. She has to be caught in the middle all the time between Khloe and Kourtney as being a 'princess' and you can tell how it bothers her, it's not her fault she is just lucky.

  • Lisa

    Kim always looks great. How does she do it?

  • Lisa

    Kim always looks good. How do you do it

  • tinats

    I love all the Kardashian sisters but My favourite oneis Khloe! She is my role model, idol, inspiration & hero! She makes me smile every single day! She so beautiful inside & outside! Khloe is an angel! Hope I win this giveaway! it'd be an amazing holiday gift!:)

  • Michelle Barnes
    Michelle Barnes

    Assuming Scott Disick doesn't count, my favorite sister is Khloe. She's the most down-to-earth, fun-loving sister!

  • Anissa Holness
    Anissa Holness

    Khloe is my favorite Kardashian because she's the most down to earth and realest woman on that show. Plus she has a REAL woman's body.

  • nissa

    khloe's my favorite kardashian because she's the most down to earth and has a REAL womans body

  • Vivian

    My favorite is Kim because she's so driven and accomplished and shows that you can be pretty and smart. She makes happen whatever she sets her mind to. She's a good sister and always takes her family into account

  • michellelg

    I really love all of the Kardashian/Jenner family, but if I had to choose, I think Khloe is my favourite. This is because she is inspirational in the sense that she says what she thinks and does what she wants. She is truly herself, and this is very admirable. She also shows people how its good to smile and be happy even in your darkest times. I know this has helped me before.

  • dashonline

    My favorite Kardashian is KHLOE'. She has got such a brillian personality, she has no fear to say what she thinks! She doesn't care about haters, because in the end they are just jealous of her success and of her breath-taking body. She deserves the best! I love her so much...She is my heart and soul :)

  • jeevon kay
    jeevon kay

    Kourtney Kardashian is my favorite. she's beautiful inside and out and she's an amazing mother to her children

  • Tiffany

    Hey Kim, i just wanted to say that you are my favourite celebrity and you are very inspirational to me. I am probley your biggest fan lol. I love your fashion and style, i think that you and your sisters have the best fashion and you guys are very inspirational to me i don't think that i can pick just one of you as my favourite Kardashian i love all of you, :) i also think out of all the stores and companies i've seen you guys have the best fashion by far. I love your jewellery as well the necklaces are gorgeous! I watch the show all the time to, i love your family you guys are really funny with the jokes you come up with. I am also very happy that you and Kanye are together cause i am a big fan of his as well. It would be really nice to meet you one day, but in case that never happens for me lol, I no you probley here this a million times a day but, I just wanna say that you are my favourite celebrity and thank you for being a huge inspiration in my life! Love you doll <3 Team KUWTK!!!! LOL <3 :) oxo

  • Cheke Iseini
    Cheke Iseini

    I LOVE all the Kardashiansss!! I'm obsessed with their show ,their style and everything! Its really difficult to pick a favourite but ill choose Khloe.. I love everything about her ,she's confident, she's absolutely gorgeous and funny!! The way she acts inspires me, I love how she jokes around ,how she's very open about sexual stuff ,that always makes me laugh when i watch the show!! I just know that she's an amazing person, and i also love the relationship of her and Lamar, they're a perfect couple!! I cant help but add something about Kim and Kourtney as well!! I love Kim so much, she's my role model ,I really look up to her. She works so hard for her career and I HATE when they criticize her and how they say her ass is fake! Shes also very kind and sweet. I also love the fact that my ass is big too and they call me little Kim ^_^. Kourtney is just gorgeous,sweet,kind and just chilled. I've never really seen Kourtney in any of the episodes to be shouting at someone and yelling! That's what I love most about her, and her personality!! I shall mention mason as well, the cutest baby I've ever seen! Ah i just love the kardashians and my dream is to meet them someday or at least just see them from far away! I live in New York so I hope I can meet them when they come here but the chances aren't that big for me since I'm 16 and can't go out without my parents permission , and this is why I really hope to win!! Either way ,I hope they read this comment and really know that I'm obsessed with everything they do and they should'n't mind haters because they're the best . Love YOU GUYS!! <3

  • Emily Jo Franklin
    Emily Jo Franklin

    I love all the Kardashian chicks :)

  • Julianna

    Love them all!

  • Lmw931

    I love all the Kardashian's! But if I had to pick my favourite is Khloe, she is hilarious and so down to earth. She also reminds me of my sister : ) She has her crazy moments, which I love and she always looks amazing! She is also an amazing role model to all girls around the world. She is not afraid to be herself and always sticks by her family, I too have a large family, so I can relate to her. She is a warm lovable person, who can make anybody laugh. The episode where she has Henry the blow up giraffe made me laugh so much . And although Khloe is my favourite, I find them all inspiring people. They have all been through so much, but have powered through every struggle, an inspiration to all. X

  • George Mossey
    George Mossey

    My GF LOVE all of them. We have only met Kim though. They all seem really nice. I would love to win this for my GF. She follows everything the Kardashians do. She has the DVD's and clothes and everything. This would be awesome for her! Thanks guys!

  • ilovekk

    even though it is such a hard decision to choose which sister is my favorite because i love them all so much, I would have to choose Kourtney as my favorite. She is my fav because she is so funny, down to earth, stunning and just a perfect role model. I love Kourtney Mary Kardashian so much!! She is literrally my inspiration!!

  • Mariana Oliveira
    Mariana Oliveira

    I'm crazy for the Kardashian's. I love all equally and I am unable to choose just one as my favorite. They are all beautiful, committed, hardworking, intelligent, fashionists, it is impossible not to love them. I know many things about them, but there are still many things to learn. I would like to receive a copy of the book, because it is not sold in my country, Brazil. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Rachel Norwood
    Rachel Norwood

    Love all the girls!! Absolutely Amazing Women!!

  • Diane O'Shea
    Diane O'Shea

    I love them all but my fav kk doll has to be kim~ i think she is stunnnig~ they all are but think Kim is so Motivated stylish and caring ~ always looking out for her mam and others! Would love this prize~ :) Merry Christmas

  • Fabiola Moncion Luis
    Fabiola Moncion Luis

    if permitted, would be to khloe, by their attitude to never let venser by the comments of others, call it by its weight or his nature, also is full of charisma and is very beautiful.





  • Gina Ennis
    Gina Ennis

    Love all the sisters but ny favourite has to be Khloe

  • Chelsea Kardashian.
    Chelsea Kardashian.

    omg a signed book by kim, kourt and khlo, that would be just amazing! i have supported these sisters since 2009 and will carry on forever. I am a huge of fan of not just the 3 sisters but the whole family but if i had to pick one it would be... well i can't pick, they are all my idols they have helped me through so much and one day i wish i could thank them for that! they all have a amazing personilty and i swear they are all one of most prettiest girls in the whole world, they are not fake they are real, they deserves everything they have got and they really are role model. I really can't pick i love them all, Kim is a amazing person she is so cleaver and so amazing at what she does there is no one like Kim she always makes me laugh when am upset, i just watch her on tv and smile. Kourt reminds me of my big sister, she would always be there for me sometimes i wish i really knew these sisters because i could always go to kourt she is amazing and absaloutly stunning. THE HOTTEST MOM AROUND she is just so charming & then of course we have KoKo, seriously the love i have for Khloe is unreal! she is soooooo funny and even if i dont feel like laughing the things shes says just makes me laugh so much. I love khloe so much, she is so stunning and i really get annoyed when people call her fat like? HAVE U SEEN HER? she is skinny as hell all 3 are. so what i am trying to say is, these girls are my world and mean sooooo much to me and to get a signed book of them just tops it off, my life would be made seriously just having there autograph in my room and thanks celebuzz for doing this so someone can win. I LOVE KIM, KOURTNEY AND KHLOE. <3 Xoxo

  • nikki

    They are all my favorite! Khloe is down to earth and always tells us her opinion which ALWAYS is the truth in the end!! I love it!! But if I had my chance to spend my day with any of them, it would have to be Kim because I love how she makes her friends change their make-up and get themselves to look better so a little help is always useful.

  • Deborah

    I like them all! I have sisters, and love them all. Blessed to have sisters >3 :)

  • DJohnson

    ♥ Khloe!!!! ;)

  • Summer Jackson
    Summer Jackson

    I love that all of you girls name start with a K. Do you have a nickname for Rob that starts with a K?

  • DJohnson

    ♥ Khloe!!! ;)

  • anna fernandez
    anna fernandez

    For me my favorite Kardashian is Khloe because for me she is so down to earth it doesnt matter how famous she is, she is a good wife, a good sister, a good daughter but most important of all shes a great person always trying to help people even if she doesnt have to. I know she gets a lot of heat about her weight ,but let me tell you something how you live your life thats what really matters and you the BEST KARDASHIAN EVER. Love you Khloe :)

  • Terri C. McMillan
    Terri C. McMillan

    Kourtney because she is a cool mom

  • Maja Krajewska
    Maja Krajewska

    OMG! its such a hard choice!I love them all, but I'd say Khloe. She's so strong, beautiful and blessed,I hope she's going to have babies soon!-Lamar is so great, she's very lucky but also helps others. But I love them all.Their're such an inspiration to me, they all make me believe that no matter how bad life gets, you can still get up and fight, and win that fight, I love them so much!-I'm literally obsessed..

  • jeff davis
    jeff davis

    My fave is Khloe, she seems like the nice one.

  • Alondra Gallo
    Alondra Gallo

    my favorte kardashian is Khloe. she is like soooo confident in herself it ridic. love u Khloe Khloe <333

  • Yoli Flores
    Yoli Flores

    Honestly, I don't know much about the sisters, but I always see Kim in the news and I like her because she is always in the know

  • ana maria
    ana maria

    si tuviera que escoger a una seria a Khloe me encanta su personalidad...admiro su matrimonio y el amor que le tiene a su fuerte, hermosa y sobre todo es buena esposa y hermana

  • Cindy

    I admire courtney she is the best mom and who else could handle scott but i do like them all but shes my fav and the younger to are growing up so fast and are beautiful just like there sisters.

  • Daniel Alberto Hernández Janacua
    Daniel Alberto Hernández Janacua

    Kim Kardashian ♥. ♥ I am a super fan, She my obsession, is my role model, is perfect, She is beautiful, She is sexy, she just the best of the whole world is my idol, really admire her, always count on my support as well as the whole family, I love her with all my heart, if I had his book would be the best thing that happened in my life to, really want to have that book, if I do not win, then no problem, good Kim if you see I love you with all my heart, is perfect, my idol, my imaginary girlfriend, I love you and greetings to all the family. I love the whole family, is perfect ♥. ♥ *. *!

  • Amanda Whalon
    Amanda Whalon

    My favorite Kardashian has always been Kim. I have never stopped being her fan she has taught me so much she has taught me to never give up on my dreams and to always see myself as beautiful. I love Kim because she stays true to herself and never forgets where she came from. She's thankful for everything and everyone she has in her life. I love Kim because she loves her family she puts her family first & she will do anything for them. I love Kim because she loves her fans and tries to reply to many of them on twitter and tell them how much she loves us and our support. I think Kim is such an inspiration I get so mad when people talk bad about her I defend her she is a good kindhearted person and more people need to see that. Kim is my idol and she always will be I'll always admire her and support her. If you pick me you would literally make me the happiest person in the world it'll be the best present ever!

  • Becky Kidder
    Becky Kidder

    Khloe is my favorite because she is the most real. The other 2 can not make up their minds about their love lives but Khloe knew what she wanted and went for it!

  • Carrie

    My favorite is Khloe!

  • Hannah

    My favourite Kardashian sister is Khloe. She is so selfless and is always willing to help people! She comes across as a hard working lovely person! She is so confident whatever happens... Even when she is criticised for her weight she still comes out strong and she is such a good role model. She is so good with Lamar and they are such a sweet couple. She is so beautiful and caring and always says it how it is but still has empathy. Which is such a great quality! She is also is there for her sisters whatever happens! :) Love them allll though

  • Jasminne Gwalter
    Jasminne Gwalter

    Khloe - She seems so genuine, honest and humble, not that they all aren't, she seems easy to get along with!

  • Orianne

    My favourite Kardashian sister is khole. She's a down to earth person who does not give a crap most of the time what outsiders thinks of her family. When she communicates with her family she tells them the true just the way she sees it, if they did something wrong. A word to the wise don't piss her off you will be destroyed and if you cann't take harsh critque; don't even bother asking for her honest opinion she will tell you the truth! That's just who she is and I like those qualities she possese ;they make me love her ever so more.

  • Kristil Alexander
    Kristil Alexander

    My favorite Kardashian sister is Kim Kardashian? Why, simply because everything about her is amazing. No matter what problems she has faced she has overcame them and came out stronger than ever. Relationship wise she taught me that no matter how tuff things get never stop believing in love because it is out there. We both have the same body shape. Our boot-tay's are both real even though haters can't seem to realize that. Like i some what look like Khloe kardashian and a mixture of kim. Another similarity that kim and i have is that our boyfriends are both African American :D Well Kim you are a huge inspiration to me. I am always in debates with low-lifes who have nothing better to do than to talk down on a very successful young women. I wish nothing but the best for you and i honestly hope you and Kanye get engaged soon. You guys bring out the good in eachother. I can tell that he treats you well and you do the same for him. Keep your head up girly. <3 :*

  • Kelly Zammit
    Kelly Zammit

    My favourite Kardashian is Kourtney ! She is very simple and her style is the closest it can be to perfect ! I love her because she is a very good mum !

  • Karen Reyes
    Karen Reyes

    My Fav. Kardashian is Kim K. I feel like we resemble in sum sorta way, I have heard it a lot! Besides that, I luv her style, her clothes, her hair, her makeup, her eyes, her shoes, her bags, She ain't fake like most stars now in days, She's down she goes out with no makeup sometimes. My Favorite Kardashian is Kim Kardashian hands down!!!

  • Courtney

    My favourite Kardashian sister is Kim. Kim has made smile and laugh on days when I was sad and depressed. Kim has a great sense of style and I love the whole Kardashian family! Kim and Kanye are soo cute! Kim is very smart, as the whole Kardashian is! Besides the fact that she is so beautiful i admire her business skills. She has come a long way making the best out of the situation that eventually made her a celebrity. Im always reading anything that pertains to her or any kardashian as a matter of fact. The whole family is very interesting

  • Daniel Alberto Hernández Janacua
    Daniel Alberto Hernández Janacua

    Kim Kardashian ♥. ♥ I am a super fan, it's my obsession, is my role model, is perfect, it is beautiful, it's sexy, it's just the best of the whole world is my idol, really admire her, always count on my support as well as the whole family, I love her with all my heart, if I had his book would be the best thing that happened in my life to, really want to have that book, if I do not win, then no problem, good Kim if you see I love you with all my heart, is perfect, my idol, my imaginary girlfriend, I love you and greetings to all the family.

  • Angela Pena
    Angela Pena

    Kendall Jenner is my fave sister. She's so tall and beautiful. Love her casual style!

  • vanessa

    I admire Kim and Khloe =) Khloe has a super big heart and always look up to others, i remember whatching this old episode where she helps "shorty" the homeless that was in the open mall where their clothing store was, it made me tear up a bit. Kim is strong and confident and doesnt let anything and anyone take her down. they are all awesome.

  • Crystalina Garcia
    Crystalina Garcia

    I love Kloe because she is so raw and just says the first things that come to her mind.

  • Aly Marie Steinberg
    Aly Marie Steinberg

    My # 1 favorite Kardashian is Khloe because she's smart with everything like marriage and work, she's got it down. She's the one who inspires every lady like me!! She knows how to love and support people!! She's also a gorgeous doll. I Love Khloe so much with her beautiful husband Lamar!!

  • Rachel Inwood
    Rachel Inwood

    I would have to say that I don't have a fav, they are all amazing women.

  • Xena

    My favorite Kardashian is defiantly Khloe! She gives so many young girls out there so much confidence! Shes always honest with everyone and she is super strong! She brushes stuff off when people try to put her down. And I admire her and hope I can grow up to be as strong and confident as she is!

  • Millie Casillas
    Millie Casillas

    My favorite Kardashian….that’s hard to pick because they are ALL beautiful, smart and giving a damn to what people say. But the one that sticks out for me is Kourtney. Not only she does she know what she wants in life she reaches her goals and beyond. I can tell she’s a strong headed female and if you do her wrong she will let you know with class! But besides all that she knows what family time means and she shows it on TV and off TV. I just love them ALL!!!!

  • Enrico

    Well, all the Kardashians is amazing, but my favorite is Kourtney!! why? she is absolutely alson, a great mom, spectacular a exemple of strong person, in your life, she dealt whit many problems, like scoot, but was able to overcome very well, and now has a beautifull life shows how she is able to return warrior and a great guy to love....could not stoping talk about her model job, your stunnig talent, she is lovely people!! I ove!!

  • Kristina

    My favorite Kardashian sister would have to Kim, I love them all, but Kim has been through so much these passed years. She is a strong individual who strives for the best and accomplishes her goals one day at a time. Despite the ups and downs in her life she triumphs to the top and she is definitely a role model for females young and old everywhere.

  • Fiore

    My favourite Kardashian is def Khloe. Besides she's completely GORGEOUS, i love how confident she is about her body. She doesn't care about what other people can say, and she just lives the way she loves to, with the man she loves. And for me, that's the meaning of happines & success in life. Either way she's SO funny, and has such a warm heart!! She's so nice!!

  • kclarksonfnatic

    Khloe is my favorite. She has a great sense of humor and she is hilarious! She exudes such confidence and I love how she is honest and true to herself. I also think her and malika are the cutest best friends. Im really jealous of her bag/shoe collection.

  • filly1414

    Khloe is my favouite. She seems really nice, her and Lamar act so cute together and are hilarious! Can't wait for more episodes :)

  • Beth Haughian
    Beth Haughian

    Although I love them all, Khloe is my favourite. She taught me never to be ashamed of who I am. She was a role model to me when it came to my weight issues. She was my inspiration for overcoming my bullies. Her quote 'my weight doesn't define who I am' and all of sayings inspire me every single day. She is my role model and even though she doesn't know it, she has helped me so much. Winning this book would help me even more :) THANK YOU KHLOE KARDASHIAN <3

  • Chelsea Mason
    Chelsea Mason

    My favorite is Khloe because she is fierce and not afraid of what others think. :)

  • Dee

    Khloe is my favorite, she is very open and up front, doesn't like the drama and also supports her sisters and is always there for her husband. She is upfront, honest and down to earth. The Kardashian family is amazing how they all have there own lives and own drama but are ALWAYS family first.

  • mrsbish

    Khloe is definitely my favorite! I just love how honest and real she is!

  • karla

    My fav is Kim!! i love her.. plz ii want the book Iam a huge fan of this site and the Kardashian from CHILE

  • vanessa


  • Ashley Marie
    Ashley Marie

    I love all the Kardashian girls.. but my favorite would have to be Kim. She is soo pretty and funny and has a great personality. I love her style as well. Im a huge fan of theirs and would love to win this book! XO

  • Michelle Davidsen Gremsperger
    Michelle Davidsen Gremsperger

    KIM is my favorite :)

  • Mary Bonilla
    Mary Bonilla

    I love Kim. She is the best, althought I like Khloe too but Kim's my favorite sister of all. Love to you all happy holidays.

  • Margaret Sweigart Fassnacht
    Margaret Sweigart Fassnacht


  • will

    kourtney smart

  • Liam

    There all my rolemodels! everyone is beautiful! love you guys!

  • Breean Greene
    Breean Greene

    Kim is my favorite cause she has a "Badonkadonk"!!!! FABULOUS!

  • Angela McLean
    Angela McLean

    My favourite Kardashian is Khloe because she's so outgoing and is not afraid to say what's on her mind. She inspires me! @painfullies

  • Ana

    favourite Kardashian is ........Khloe she is down to earth girl and the Lamar +Khloe is the cutest couple ever , but i LOVE ALL KARDASHIAN-JENNER GIRLS

  • TAMY

    OMG OMG this is the best price ever I JUST LOVE ALL GIRS KOURT,KHLOE,KIM i dont have favorite because they are all ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS i LOVE ALL THEM if i win this wil make my 2013 year becouse i adore them <3<3

  • madison jowett
    madison jowett

    I love Khloe the best. she is funny and has such a warm heart. I love watching her in keeping up with the kardashians and khloe and lamar. my favourite episode of kardashians that khloe is in is where she gets the blow up giraffe from lamar. it shows that even the simplest thing she can make funny and loves it whatever.

  • Shaunie Wyatt
    Shaunie Wyatt

    Kim... she is smart and has fashion style

  • Abbie

    Love you guys!

  • molly

    how can ya pick a fave kardash!! there all so perfect!! there all amazing! i love them so much. my idolssssssss<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Fani Galisteo Ruano
    Fani Galisteo Ruano

    My favorite Kardashian sister is Kourtney! Even knowing she is such a great mother and really responsible with her kids, she never looses the sense of humor. I love when her and Khloe play together or when she shares time with Scott. For all that and one more million reasons I pick Kourtney! And i would love to win the signed copy so i get to know them better <3

  • camira

    Without a doubt its Kim! Besides the fact that she is so beautiful i admire her business skills. She has come a long way making the best out of the situation that eventually made her a celebrity. Im always reading anything that pertains to her or any kardashian as a matter of fact. The whole family is very interesting. Can i be apart of your family for even just a day???? smile :)

  • Kirsty

    If I had to pick a favourite Kardashian, i would pick Khloe. Khloe has made me smile on my worst days. She has taught me to laugh more, smile more and enjoy life. Being myself is more important than anything else, Khloe taught me that. I look up to her so much, she truly inspires me to be a better person. She's down to earth, funny, smart, hard working and not to mention beautiful. I only hope I can be half the person she is :)