Jef Holm Undecided About Getting Back Together With 'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard (VIDEO & EXCLUSIVE)

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'Bachelorette' Split
Emily and Jeff confirm their break-up. Read More »

The relationship between Bachelorette couple Emily Maynard and Jef Holm is still uncertain -- even after the pair were spotted going for a romantic meal together, Celebuzz has learned.

Two months after the couple announced their engagement was off, they dined out at 5Church restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina, with Emily dressed to kill and flirting up a storm with her former beau.

After their private meal for two, the pair headed to Connelly’s bar for drinks, but according to a source close to the couple, the water company CEO is still trying to figure out how he really feels about his former fiancée.

“Jef is still making up his mind about Emily because he was genuinely hurt when the relationship ended," the insider told Celebuzz.

“All reality relationships are particularly difficult, and the truth is very few go the distance. It is going to be tough for them to make this thing work long-term because it will require a lot of sacrifices on each side."

The couple has been involved in a rollercoaster relationship since Holm, 28, proposed to Maynard, 26, in July after he presented her with a stunning $150,000 diamond ring on the finale of the hit ABC reality show.

Since then, there have been multiple allegations of cheating on each side, including reports that Holm did not approve of the way Maynard was raising her 7-year-old daughter, Ricki Hendrick.

But another potential roadblock to them getting back together has been Holm’s reported new relationship with 23-year-old New Orleans journalism student Katianna Bear.

The pair posted photographs of themselves during a day trip to San Diego Zoo alongside Holm’s Bachelorette finalist friend Arie Luyendyk Jr., as reported by Wetpaint.

Holm and Bear also reportedly hooked up in Los Angeles while Maynard attended the wedding of fellow reality couple Ashley Herbert and J.P. Rosenbaum on Dec. 1.

According to our source, Holm is all too happy to keep his options open until he figures out if he really wants to get back with Maynard long-term.

“Jef and Katianna originally met at a Saints football game in New Orleans, and they both really hit it off because they had a lot in common,” the source said.

“Katianna is a fun and beautiful woman. However, he has a connection and history with Emily. But he knows that he can't have them both.”

“Over the past few weeks, he spent time with Katianna. And now Emily is back on the scene, so it looks like he has some decisions to make pretty soon.”

What do you think? Should Jef get back together with Emily  or pursue Katianna? Let us know your thoughts, below.

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  • Maureen Blake
    Maureen Blake

    Jef Emily is not truly in love with you,she is still in love with your friend Arie,she cant get im off her mind,too bad because Arie left that station long time,never to return.Jef you deserve better,use your brain it will not work with Emily,even if you get back together it will never last,you are a smart guy use your brain.

  • Violet

    I agree with Mary, just talk it out and be committed to one another. Your love will prevail. You are so perfect together and I know that things if you let it be will be beautiful and wonderful. God bless you both.

  • Maureen Blake
    Maureen Blake

    I know love when i see it, Emily and Jef is not it.SO,SO FAKE.

  • MARY

    With God, the two of you, Jef and Emily will make a wonderful forever couple! The love you shared and felt will grow and grow....just be there for one another and God will help your love grow and grow! God bless you both! I hope that you get to spend the New Year together as a family! Blessings for all of you!

  • margery

    Katianna seems like a sweet person,but she said that they were not dating. They both were rebound,because they were having trouble in their other relationships. Poor Katianna is only a rebound and this normally doesn't work out. I heard that she is now back with her ex and I wish her only the best of luck. They were both a distraction during their hard times.Jef and Emily was a different situation.Their love is real and rare. You do not see this kind of love often. I agree Jef and Emily should watch their love story again to remind themselves how how much they love each other and see how they fell in love. I think Jef should get back with Emily since he and never will get her off his mind and despite all that happened they can make this work. Getting together having dinner,and a date at the mall is a start. Talking is a good start. They should just take their time and it will work out. I am a widow who was married for 27 years and like every relationship, we had plenty of our ups and downs. We always talk things out and so can they.

  • MARY

    If they can let the past go, then he should return and make his relationship with Emily work. I believe the other relationship started as a rebound and those normally do NOT turn out well. The past hurts and insults and remarks have to be taken out of the equation and they must commit to spending time together and to do nothing that could be perceived by the other one as disloyal! After 61 years of living and moving around the country 19 times in 35 years and 40 years of marriage, I have learned if someone perceives something then it becomes their reality and it's just not right to hurt people and believe that doesn't linger. If you can't say something nice to the person you love; better off biting your tongue till you can discuss it lovingly and calmly. And if both Emily and Jef would rewatch their love story on the computer and the things they said to one another; then I believe they can make it work if they truly believed every word they said to the other. BUT having two women shouldn't work for either of these ladies; they both deserve a commitment and the respect.