Rihanna, Miley and Jenny are Doing It: Would You Pump Up the Volume with a Pompadour?

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Forget elegant updos or straight, shiny locks, the latest red carpet hair trend is beyond bold. Not quite a mullet, not quite a mowhawk, we’re talking about that voluminous ‘do known as the pompadour.

Originating in the 1700s from the style of a French woman named, we kid you not, Madame de Pompadour (aka, the mistress of King Louis the XV), this style requires a whole lot of volume — and fearlessness.

While women — and men (think: Elvis, John Travolta in Grease, and Biebs on occasion) — have worn this ‘do over the years, it wasn’t until this season that A-list ladies have overwhelmingly reclaimed it, putting their own spin on the uber retro hairstyle.

Celebs best known for their sense of style adventure like Pink, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have worn the pompadour both on — and off — the red carpet. But the fact that Scarlett Johannson, Julianne Hough and Jenny McCarthy have also pumped up the volume to give this bold trend a spin is proof that the pomp has gone mainstream (at least in Hollywood).

Whether you’re planning to crop your locks or not, there are plenty of ways to seriously rock this style out.

Like the stars that have jumped on this trend to varying degrees, either shaving the sides of their heads for a full on daring look or creating a faux-pomp by pinning up their hair and teasing the top, you can go all-out pomp or the non-committal route.

Either way, the result creates an air of confidence and coolness that few other ‘dos manage to achieve, making it the perfect hair trend to try for a holiday party or New Year’s Eve.

Click through the gallery to see all the celebs taking the pompadour for a spin– plus, tips for translating the trend from the red carpet to real life.

 What do you think of the pompadour: Is it a trend to try — or pass by? Weigh in below.

Catch up on more of the latest celebrity hair trends in the video below.

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By Natasha Burton