‘X Factor’s’ L.A. Reid Talks Tate Stevens’ Win: ‘Things Like This Don’t Always Happen’ (VIDEO)

'X Factor' Finale Results
And Season 2's winner is...
FOX’s The X Factor judge L.A. Reid was on top of the world after his prodigy, country crooner Tate Stevens took home the top prize Thursday night.

“I feel wonderful. I feel euphoria. I feel great,” Reid enthused after Thursday’s two-hour finale. “The greatest feeling I’ve had is watching this guy win. He deserves to win. Things like this don’t always happen. But, the right guy won.”

Reid previously announced he won’t be back as a judge next season, but says he’ll stick with Stevens — who goes into the studio on January 2 — “as long as he’ll have me.”

Although Reid initially resented being stuck with the Over 25 group of contestants and seemed an unlikely match for a country singer, he’s long since embraced his winning contestant.

“I really grew to love him as a person, as a human being,” he says of Stevens. “Love the music that he makes, love his voice. I really love to help people. I live to be a hero to people, I really do, as corny as that might sound. I want to help him. I want see him succeed.”

What kind of music are they going to make together?

“I’m Tate’s mentor, so I’m just going to make sure that he records music that’s really true to his core. I’m not his label, I’m just his mentor. So it’s a better job,” Reid laughed. “I can actually help him kick other people around.”

Watch part of our interview with Reid above.

Do you think Tate is in good hands? Will L.A. be missed next season?

– Sharon Knolle

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