Bethenny Frankel, Husband Jason Hoppy Confirm They're Separating After Two Years of Marriage

"It brings me great sadness."
Bethenny Frankel Has Family Day in Malibu
Bethenny Frankel and her husband of two years, Jason Hoppy, have separated after two years of marriage, the Bravo star announced on Sunday.

"It brings me great sadness to say that Jason and I are separating," the 42-year-old said in a statement. "This was an extremely difficult decision that as a woman and a mother, I have to accept as the best choice for our family.

who is and will always remain our first priority. This is an immensely painful and heartbreaking time for us.”

Earlier on Sunday, the former star of Real Housewives of New York tweeted:

In a 2011 interview, the Bethenny Ever After star revealed she and her husband, 41, previously almost split because of the pressures of her career.

“We’ve been scared,” Frankel told PEOPLE. “The second year of marriage was not easy. We hit bottom, [but] we came out the other side.”

“I think we have what it takes to make it work,” she added.

“I don’t have a backup plan. It’s not like shopping for shoes and getting a new pair. That’s not what it’s about.”

In 2013, Frankel's new talk show -- via FOX Television Stations and Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution -- will begin airing the show nationwide.

Watch the embattled couple talk the challenges of marriage in this video, below.

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  • Cheyenne

    He is lucky to get away from her, it took him long enough. She is completely nuts, certifiable and should be in a mental institute. He needs to get FULL CUSTODY of that kid because any time with her is going to ruin that kid.

  • Joelle

    I agree!! This was a train wreck from the beginning, I thought the therapy sessions would help but obviously not. Given the choice of fame or family, I would loose the fame. Here she found someone who kept her grounded, and loved her before all the nonsense, something she never had growing up....why give it up now? Of coarse we are assuming SHE left him.....

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    why is this such a surprise Bethenny and Jason were mismatched from the start he's even tempered she's diva who has never taken care of her issues left from a fractured childhood. the one that will suffer the most in this is their young daughter Bryn

  • Smmb

    IF they divorce it is going to be ugly. Didn't he quit his job to work with her on skinny girl, which he oversaw the deal to sell to Jim Beam. You know he is entitled to some of that prenup or not. That happened when they were married.

  • Liz Burnett
    Liz Burnett

    This makes me sad, I feel that Jason is the person Bethenny needs by her side, He someone she would be able to trust and confide in, I hope they worked this out, not for Bryn, but for themseleves.

  • annie

    i can never understand why these idiots ever get married....just to ALWAYS divorce..and the saga continues....!!!

  • Tinka

    I don't know who these people are, but it still saddens me to see stories about divorces, no matter if it's after two years or ten.

  • Ruby

    agree but nothing sounds like it is left open. I DO think she should focus less on career and more on her hubby/their rlship. She has enough money.

  • Ruby

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  • michele

    i feel so bad for them.I thought they were a cute couple and was hoping they be able to work it out and have another baby since they love their daughter so much.Hopefully they will just eperate for a while and be able to work tis out.

  • Sven Erlandson
    Sven Erlandson

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