‘Real Housewives’ Star Cynthia Bailey on Her ‘Atlanta’ Journey: ‘I Don’t Have Any Regrets’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Not every marriage has lasted on 'The Real Housewives.'
Although The Real Housewives of Atlanta has documented some of her most intimate and trying moments, star Cynthia Bailey isn’t looking back on her three seasons with the Bravo reality series in a negative light.

“I don’t have any regrets,” Bailey told Celebuzz in an exclusive sit-down interview. “I am having a good time, especially this go around.”

“The first season was just hard,” Baily, who joined the show in season 3, continued, “because you don’t know what you’re doing. It doesn’t come with a manual. You think reality TV, so you’re just supposed to get on there and be yourself. So, that’s what my husband [Peter] and I did.”

“I don’t really regret it, even though it wasn’t fun to watch [the] first season,” she added.

“Second season was a little better, because now I knew what the first season was and I had something to compare it to … It still wasn’t ideal.”

Now, with three seasons under her belt, Bailey says she doesn’t have time for any Real Housewives drama.

“I have so much to focus on, with my daughter, who is 13 now, my business. I’m doing a lot,” she said.

In fact, she thinks this season will be her best — for now, anyway.

“Hopefully, next year, if I’m back, it will be better. I hope I just keep going up and up.”

For more on our chat with Bailey, watch the video, above.

And to get her thoughts on this season’s infamous trip to Anguilla, as well as what happened when co-star Phaedra Parks talked smack on Bailey in a butt-dial, watch the bonus videos, below.

Cynthia Bailey Talks Trip to Anguilla

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