Rihanna and Chris Brown Spend Christmas Together (PHOTOS)

Rihanna's 'Baby'
Rihanna shares new photo and poses with a joint. Read More »

Rihanna and Chris Brown spent Christmas day courtside at the Lakers vs. Knicks game at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The two, who were both dressed in head-to-toe black, were seen sharing beers and popcorn throughout the basketball game.

An eyewitness tells Celebuzz that RiRi was "constantly whispering" into Brown's ear and the two looked "so cute and cuddly together."

The on-again-off-again couple made a bold statement at the game with major public displays of affection. At one point during the game, RiRi's head was resting on Brown's shoulder.

Rihanna just landed in Los Angles after spending Christmas Eve in her native country of Barbados.

RiRi showed off her incredible bikini bod all throughout her trip home was spotted getting some much needed rest and relaxation with her closest friends and family members.

The hot-and-cold relationship between Brown and the "We Found Love" singer is at an all-time high. With Twitter and Instagram as the twosome's sounding board, these past few months of breakups and makeups have taken the world on their relationship rollercoaster.

Just last week, Brown tweeted an intimate photo of the duo together. Within minutes, the "Don't Wake Me Up" singer deleted the photo altogether.

This is just the latest between the two singers and we can't wait to see what happens next.

Do you think these two will forever have drama? Why or why not?

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  • Michelle M from New Rochelle
    Michelle M from New Rochelle

    Rihanna is absolutely beautiful,sharp,smart and talented! She is also generous and never forget her roots.I love her immensely and she could do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.Chris needs to realize her worth and forget about that Karreuche nobody who is only after fame to boost her nonexistent career.Love you RiRi! Wish I could meet you.Nuff respect!

  • zorbitor

    For many people there's a lot riding on the inevitability of him beating her again.

  • Kai

    Chris and Rihanna look cute together. Will pray for them.

  • Kai

    Tracey you must be one miserable Pathetic, Sorry person. Why do people like you sit on your fat azzes everyday hiding behind your PC's with No Life making mean, nasty, Evil comments about people. Get a Freakin Life. Obviously Chris and Rihanna have a life and they are living it, which is something you seem Not to have.Listen whatever Chris and Rihanna choose or choose not to do its their life to live it as they please. Why don't you try doing the same or better yet, Get A Freakin LIfe! What a Sorry, Pathetic person you are! Feel sorry for people like you!

  • Momo

    She is making a decision that in her gut it is right for her. For people to wish he would beat her again..... What a pathetic and miserable person to wish this on someone. Just let them be we can not judge them but on hope that they both will make the RIGHT decision for them and only them.

  • bla

    It was the grammys.. I hope he hits her again obviously didnt knock sense into her the last time

  • niko

    U must be one lonely miserable person! She doesn't need u to feel sorry for her! that's the problem u worried about her when she don't give a fuck what u think about her! #PATHETIC

  • Tracey Saunders
    Tracey Saunders

    Wasn't it a Lakers game they were leaving the last time he beat the sh** out of her? Next time he beats her I will not feel one bit sorry for her.

  • raadbassam

    I am so happy for them :)