Tim Allen, Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Hanks: Stars Who Have Played Santa (PHOTOS)

Everyone love’s a good Christmas movie — the snow, the elves, the heart-warming miracle that results in holiday cheer. But one thing’s for certain: You can’t have any of that without old Saint Nick.

Now, being that Santa’s such a busy guy— running the world’s largest toy workshop is a full-time job and traveling the world in one night is no easy feat— he couldn’t possibly have the time to devote to shooting a movie.

Thankfully, these stars have stepped in.

Donning the traditional — and in some cases un-traditional — snow-white beard and royal red garb, many celebrities have embraced the holiday spirit and given their best performance as Mr. Claus.

From conventional Santas to animated ones, and from Santas that steal, to those that happen upon Santahood without any warning, no rendition goes unappreciated.

So as Christmas comes sledding in, curl up by the fire, throw back some sugar cookies and pop in one of these holiday classics.

Which celebrity do you think wears the big belly best? Sound off in the comments below.

Check out the gallery to see which stars have taken in a walk in Santa’s big black boots.