Justin Bieber’s Hamster Is Doing ‘Fine’: ‘He’s Like My Baby,’ Says New Owner (EXCLUSIVE)

Justin Bieber’s furry friend has a happy new home.

When the pop superstar gifted his beloved hamster, PAC, to a fan at a recent concert in Atlanta, the California Hamster Association (CHA) called the move “animal cruelty.” But the new owner tells Celebuzz PAC is in good hands.

“He’s fine. He sleeps during the day and plays at night — he’s acting like a normal hamster,” Victoria Blair said. “I worship that little hamster — I love him.

“I bought him a ball and he runs around. He stays right beside my bed. He’ll wake me up and roll around. The next big thing I’m going to get is a hamster playground. “



And to make sure PAC adjusts to his new life, the 18-year-old Alabama native says she’s following Bieber’s lead.

“PAC is used to being on the road, and that’s exactly what I’m doing,” Blair said. “I’m going to do with PAC what Justin would do and try to be a similar environment like Justin did. Justin took him to meet his fans. So I take him to the park and I let people pet him. The other day, I let PAC go with me to the pet store.

“He goes with me everywhere. He’s like my baby.”


She adds that the “Believe” singer didn’t hand off his pet without giving the new owner a few tips.

“He gave me instructions for how to take care of him. He said, ‘He loves his ball’ and ‘He needs to eat.’ And PAC is a chunk!” Blair laughed.

“Justin cherished PAC and he’s very caring, so for him to give PAC to a fan was awesome. It made my Christmas.”

In a statement to TMZ, the CHA originally blasted Beiber for giving away PAC, saying hamsters “often succumb quickly to illness and death” when faced with “sudden environmental change.” But David G. Imber of the CHA told Celebuzz that the organization has now amended its opinion.

“We have no ill will toward Mr. Bieber,” he said. “Our understanding is that owing to the way [Blair] received the hamster and from whom, the recipient is apparently doing her best to do right by the animal, and for that I suppose we could actually thank Mr. Bieber. But…in most cases the situation would almost certainly turn tragic.”

If it’s up to Blair, PAC will be reunited with the pop star on Jan. 16 — when Bieber does a show near her hometown in Birmingham.

Said the superfan: “My goal is to bring PAC and see Justin at his concert.”

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