Hollywood Hunks on the Prowl -- Who's Single in Tinseltown? (PHOTOS)

They're rich, famous, good-looking, talented — and, most importantly, single!

While George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio have famously embraced bachelorhood over the years, a new crop of unattached celebs have made their claim to foot-loose-and-fancy-free fame.

From Zac Efron to Michael Fassbender, Hollywood's most desirable bachelors reigned supreme in 2012.

Although the majority of these stars kept busy with work, a few notoriously ruled the rumor mill as they found a little downtime to play the field. Yup, we're looking at you, Johnny Depp.

Now that Gossip Girl has officially bid adieu to the airwaves, will Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick find time to return to the dating scene? Only time will tell in 2013!

Ready for some major eye candy? Launch the gallery to learn more about Hollywood's hottest single men!

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  • Lois

    Yes Lord! I need to make a trip to London and meet my future ex-husband. I think he'd be really cute with Charlize Theron

  • isee

    Celebuzz, Michael Fassbender has had a girlfriend for over a year. There has not been any statements made by him stating that he is single. All you have to do is fact check. It really isn't difficult to look him and his girlfriend up. Why post false rumors? At this rate, your site will never before US, People or even TMZ because those sites fact check. You should learn from them.

  • Kyla

    I didn't know he liked black women! We would be perfect together. Michael I'm available and more attractive than your last ex ;)

  • Jae

    Wow. A whole paragraph? Nicole is that you? Pretty sad that you're so invested in something that's over. lol

  • Gotcha!!!

    So I guess he's supposed to date a troll like you, troll? I can only imagine what you must look like. Also, excuse me but who said he and Nicole are broken up? Jealous heaux are jealous, aren't they? And desperate. No matter. If and when they do break up, you can bet he'll find someone who looks more like Nicole than the jealous hags who troll all things Fassbender to find out if he's "single". Like they have a chance in hell of dating him. Oh well. What is it you all like to say? Ah, yes. "He has a type." Happy New Year, trolls. BTW, someone might want to inform Celebuzz that those weren't just rumors about him and Nicole. They'd do well to do a bit of research and read that GQ article where he confirmed her as his girlfriend. Honestly, this "gossip" is ridic.

  • !!!

    So happy he got rid of that troll Nicole. Ick they always seemed "off" anyway

  • Elaine

    Michael Fassbender is SINGLE! Hallelujah, I'm such a stalker

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