Kevin Federline's Aunt Confirms Court Case Challenging Britney Spears' Son's Paternity Is a Hoax (EXCLUSIVE)

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The aunt of Kevin Federline has confirmed the story regarding a bizarre restraining order against his ex, Britney Spears -- allegedly filed by her former brother-in-law -- is a hoax.

Diane Story told Celebuzz: "We pity the hoaxter for believing they could get by such a crazy story and for also believing,they could damage the reputation of America’s pop princess."

"Britney is immune because of the love this country has for her," she added.

According to the suit, filed in a Florida court, Federline's brother Christopher alleged The X Factor judge blackmailed and harassed him and took $4,500 from his bank account after stealing his credit card.

When he confronted her about the theft, the "Oops I Did It Again" star allegedly made fun of him and told him he had a "small penis". The faux Federline also claimed to have slept with Spears during her marriage to his brother Kevin, fathering her eldest son Sean Preston, 7.

However, it emerged on Thursday that the lawsuit was the work of an impersonator who is a convicted felon.

Jonathan Lee Riches, the same fraudster who claimed he was the uncle of Sandy Hook Elementary school suspect Adam Lanza, was arrested recently on a federal probation violation charge, The Smoking Gun first reported.

He has filed hundreds of fatuous lawsuits that named a cavalcade of athletes, politicians, musicians, Hollywood stars and other public figures as defendants, it's alleged.

Indeed, the Spears case was thrown out of a Tampa, Florida, court by a judge who cited three prior 2012 cases in his order, believed to have been orchestrated by the impersonator.

Two of those cases were filed by “Gino Romano” and named various members of the Kardashian family as defendants.

In the process, the judge appeared to debunk the claims from the fake "Christopher Federline" who attested, in documents tendered to the court: "I am the true father, but the public does not need to know."

Story -- who wrote 'Pop Baby Krissy Doucet,' which was inspired by her nephew's failed romance and marriage to Spears, 31 -- said her family feels ‘pity’ for the hoaxer.

"Despite the silly rumors, our family does respect each other and would never do such a hurtful thing to one or the other," Story told Celebuzz.

"Kevin and Chris are close and will always be."

Added Federline's aunt: "We (Christopher and I) have spoken and yes, it is distressing to us all. But we’ll get over it. We always do."

Additional reporting by Andrea Simpson.

It's been a headline-making day for Spears, who is also battling reports she is about to be booted as a judge from The X Factor. Watch that report, below.

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  • Ruby Foster
    Ruby Foster

    I read that book "Pop Baby Krissy Doucet" Loved it! I don't have any reason NOT, to believe this story. Like most of you, I love our little Brit-Brit.. After moving to the states, I had to see her in concert. Loved it….. The book was interesting. Poor woman, she really got slammed for writing it. I happen to love erotica, so I bought it on Amazon. And I now have to say, maybe…just maybe.. The book was right. Sure, Miss Story said the book was fiction. But maybe it isn’t. I hear she lied to protect the innocent…LOL. Is there really innocence in Hollywood? Besides being a hot erotica, I enjoyed the story. I could totally picture little Miss Brit-Brit doing those things. And if we have to decide if she would do that, who else to believe, but her Ex- Aunty? Maybe Britney really is into the ménage-a-trois scene. Sorta like that 50 shades book. Maybe Miss Story needs to fess up and tell us if she was really trying to tell us the truth. I heard Graeme Culliford from the Sun, tried to get her to admit it, and she wouldn’t say. Yet, is there anything wrong with what we as adults love to do behind closed doors? Who are we to judge? Just because you aren’t into sharing your woman in your brothers bed. Don’t judge those who do. Except of course for when they forget to use protection. In reality, get over it folks. If Britney loves swinging, why should, we care. You love her music, and her. Enjoy her for that….. and don’t judge her if her kids come from multiple partners! I'm not convinced it is a hoax. Are you? Ruby ♥