Miley Cyrus Smokes Cigarette in Flashy Black and White Pants (PHOTOS)

Miley's Grab
Miley Cyrus grabs a stripper's bare butt during bday bash! Read More »

Miley Cyrus was caught smoking a cigarette on Wednesday after a family gathering in Palm Springs, Calif.

The 20-year-old singer, who is engaged to Hunger Games actor Liam Hemsworth, puffed away in one of her most interesting ensembles to date: a pair of Beetlejuice-esque pants, which she matched with a black turtleneck, black boots and her now-signature platinum locks.

Hemsworth, 22, was also along for the ride -- albeit in a much more casual ensemble. In fact, the hunky star ditched his otherwise red carpet-ready looks for a bomber jacket, t-shirt and pair of Chicago Bulls sweatpants.

Ah, comfortable relationships!

Cyrus, who recently performed a cover of Dolly Parton's hit song "Jolene," shared a Christmas photo on Twitter Wednesday, in which she donned a leopard-printed onesie and a Santa Claus beard mask.

She confirmed her engagement to Hemsworth in June.

What do you think of Cyrus' black-and-white pants? And should she be smoking? Check out the photos in the gallery, above, then take the debate to the comments section.

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  • Destiny Skyscraper
    Destiny Skyscraper

    oh and who doesn't know that she smoke???she and more than the half planet do the same

  • Destiny Skyscraper
    Destiny Skyscraper

    oh God.guys leave her's HER life and not urs.what's ur problem??if ya hate her that much and think that she is disgusting why are ya even here???

  • James

    Isn't PDA Public Displays of Affection? From what I can see this is an empty beach and some guy with a long lens is barging in on a private moment. So what the story actually should be is "Paparazzi invades enjoyable private moment and website misrepresents the pictures as PDA".

  • big daddy
    big daddy

    ohh do i see another lindsey lohan

  • Hannah Abbott
    Hannah Abbott

    wow, she is hideous. ....poor thing

  • Ian Bamberger
    Ian Bamberger

    Starting to look like the next Lindsay Lohan.

  • Anonymous

    If he cared about looks that much then he'd never regret his proposal; she's way too fit and pretty... He probably doesn't even notice what she's wearing thinking about what's underneath those clothes. Anyway, I'm sure a person wouldn't engage another thinking he/she is going to be the same for the next decade and more. ...If you were him.. Please, like you'd get even close to someone with any kind of goods having that mentality.

  • miligomez

    She said that her change -losing too much weight- was for health, and then, there you go: She's smoking!!! That's pretty contradictory!

  • Lane

    Shes so gross. She's just trying to get attention. She goes around saying she loves dogs and animals... well if she really did she wouldn't be smoking because not only is it bad for your health but its bad for the environment and animals. Smoking is going to make her look old real soon.

  • Dylan Howard
    Dylan Howard

    This is not being a good role model in my humble opinion :-(

  • FashionFrenzy

    she is disgusting!

  • Beatriz Kano
    Beatriz Kano

    she looks so stupid.. like a fk.. retarder! OMG poor Liam...!! Miley Asshl look! :D

  • mccong2011

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  • Tata

    If I were him I'd be regretting having asked her to marry me, she can't pull off hair that short and to top it off she's been dressing uglier that usual

  • kiwi777


  • lesleab

    She is hideous. So gross. Hopefully this is a phase.