‘Real Housewives of Miami’ Star Ana Quincoces Calls Karent Sierra a ‘Stepford Wife’ (VIDEO)

When it comes to Bravo’s Real Housewives of Miami, the drama never stops — especially when it involves Karent Sierra. The Real Housewives newcomer has been labeled this season’s “pot-stirrer” — and fellow housewife Ana Quincoces agrees.

“She’s kind of like a chameleon. Maybe she does, but she gives off the appearance that she doesn’t know who she is,” Quincoces told Celebuzz. “I personally, have a problem with that.”

“I’m sure, standing on her own two feet, she can do great,” she added. “I don’t think she’s a malicious person, but I think she tries so hard and she seems disingenuous… I can’t figure her out. She’s like an enigma.”

It’s Sierra’s constantly cheery outward demeanor that Quincoces said is most off-putting.

“I want her to show us a human side,” she said. “She’s too ‘Stepford Wife.’ I don’t know if people can relate to that. I know I can’t.”

As viewers know, Sierra has a knack for getting herself in the middle of the drama. At Lisa Hochstein’s charity lingerie event,  Joe Francis claimed he slept with both Joanna Krupa and her sister Marta. Sierra made sure to relay the message to Krupa, which caused a heated fight between the model and the Girls Gone Wild mogul with Sierra caught in the middle.

“She leaves destruction in her wake. If you’re trying to mend fences, then why do you go whisper in someone’s ear, ‘Oh, this happened and that happened?’ That’s a pot-stirrer,” explained Quincoces.

However, Sierra doesn’t care for the “pot-stirrer” label. She insisted she was only doing it to help a friend.

“It wasn’t just that I wanted to stir the pot,” Sierra told Celebuzz. “I’m defending a friend of mine. Because if someone is talking trash, I’m going to defend my friend before he gets to spread these rumors and lies at an event.”

So why did Sierra interrogate Francis at the charity event? “I would hate to say something if I wasn’t 100 percent sure,” she said.

Real Housewives of Miami airs Thursdays at 9PM ET on Bravo.

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