‘The Hills’ Alum Lo Bosworth ‘Would Love’ a Show Reunion

Since MTV aired the last episode of its trendsetting reality series, The Hills, back in July of 2010, fans have watched the stars grow up.

“I think everybody has kind of moved on and have these new lives,” show alum Lo Bosworth, who has since gone behind the television cameras as a producer, told Celebuzz.

They may have moved on, but Bosworth wouldn’t mind catching up with her costars. “I think a Hills reunion would be hilarious, actually,” she answered when we asked her about getting the gang back together again. But, that doesn’t mean she’ll necessarily take part.

“I know enough about reality TV and what goes into making shows at this point that I would be hard pressed to participate myself unless I had some control in the editing room,” she explained.

“Even if I didn’t participate, which I probably wouldn’t, I would love it to happen just so I can see what’s going on with everybody else,” she then added.

Well, maybe she’s just playing hard to get? Either way, she must have something to say to her old castmates…

“I wish everybody the best. It’s been an interesting path to have to walk down,” the 26-year-old says. “Your show ends and you stop getting paid and for most people who participate in reality shows they don’t have college degrees, they don’t have work experience and so it’s difficult to navigate those next steps. And I’m thankful that I had a plan in place even before the show ended and it’s just about getting up every morning and executing every single day.”

A few of Bosworth’s costars didn’t do too badly for themselves after the show. Lauren Conrad has made herself into a fashion and literary brand. Kristin Cavallari did some acting and then settled down and had a son with football player Jason Cutler. And Audrina Patridge moved on to star on her own short-lived series for VH1.

Unlike Patridge, who told us that she and Conrad no longer speak, Bosworth says she still keeps in touch with the show’s original star, who she knew before they both appeared on The Hills’ precursor, Laguna Beach.

“We’re still very close,” Bosworth told us. “I just saw her over Thanksgiving when I was home in Laguna, because I live in New York now and I have to fly across the country to celebrate the holidays with my family.”

“I think we just have each other’s back,” she continued. “I’m so supportive of her projects and so proud of what she has been able to do and I think that she is equally as supportive of my endeavors. So, it’s just exciting to have come up in the industry and in the business world with such a good friend and to see the different ways we are being successful.”

Do you think it’s time to get a Hills reunion together? Too soon? Never?

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