Justin Bieber Sits Courtside With Basketball Star Chris Paul’s Son at Clippers Game (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber gets mobbed by his UK fans.
It looks like Justin Bieber makes friends wherever he goes.

The “Beauty and a Beat” singer made a young fan’s day when he sat courtside with basketball star Chris Paul’s son, cheering on the Los Angeles Clippers as they took on the Boston Celtics on Thursday night.

Three-year-old Christopher Emmanuel Paul II stayed close to Bieber, 18, throughout the night, sitting in the singer’s lap as they watched the game in the Staples Center. The pair even matched in their plaid shirts, dark denim jeans and casual sneakers.

After the game, Bieber tweeted Paul: ‘yo @CP3 your kid is the man!! haha. u killed ‘em tonight. good seeing u.’

By the end of the night, the little Belieber couldn’t wipe the small off his face — and his pro baller dad couldn’t have been more appreciative of the Biebs.

“You have NO clue the smile that you put on lil Chris face 2nite…really appreciate you man!! He does not know what to do lol,” Paul tweeted to Bieber. “The first thing he said to me after the game was not good game Daddy…it was ‘Daddy I saw Justin Beiber, he’s my friend’ haaa.”

Bieber has plenty of experience when it comes to hanging out with little kids. After all, the Biebs himself is an older brother to Jazmyn, 4, and Jaxon, 3.

How cute are Justin Bieber and lil’ Chris? Sound off in the comments!

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