'Real Housewives of Miami' Reunion Recap: 5 Sizzling Moments From Part 1

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Real Housewives of Miami Reunion Part 1
'RHOM' Ana Quincoces
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Even though The Real Housewives of Miami’s second season has ended, the fireworks didn’t courtesy of the reunion!

Red hot Miami minxes Lea Black, Adriana De Moura, Lisa Hochstein, Joanna Krupa, Marysol Patton, Ana Quincoces and Dr. Karent Sierra reunited and relived all the highs and lows of the sophomore season with host Andy Cohen. Part 1 of the reunion zeroed in on the current status of spitfires Adriana and Joanna’s relationship.

Here’s some of the top eye-opening moments of the night.

The mystery behind Elsa’s face is solved: Anyone who watched RHOM wondered what happened to Marysol’s eccentric mother’s face. Viewers saw photos of Mama Elsa and were left stunned as to how radiant she was in the past and how she looked today. Andy finally asked Marysol the uncomfortable question of what happened to Elsa’s face. Marysol revealed her mother received botched eye lifts in the 80s and her face was never the same (no kidding!). But, it was the only thing she had done to herself. Marysol, really? Ana chimed in and said she thought Elsa was a victim of silicone injectables being placed in her face before they were commonplace. We’ll go with Ana’s answer.

Adriana and Joanna’s feud resumes: So much for the truce these ladies made. When we saw Adriana and Joanna on the last episode of the season, the women appeared to bury the hatchet and moved on from their epic fight at Lisa’s lingerie charity event. Both Adriana and Joanna’s claws came out when Joanna discussed with Andy that her relationship with Romain was over. Adriana butted in and alleged the two busted up for the publicity, since they broke up before the reunion taped. Joanna claimed Adriana was jealous she was in the press more than the Brazilian bombshell.

Things took a nasty turn when Adriana and the former Dancing With the Stars contestant accused the other of being racist after the divas slammed the other’s homeland. Adriana insisted she regretted her comments and apologized, while Joanna claimed the remarks that were made were done by her ex, Romain. Both ladies need to cork it with the nationality cracks and stick to digs about behaviors like everyone else.

Lea and Ana face off:Who would’ve predicted these two would butt heads? Throughout the entire reunion, both Lea and Ana couldn’t stop the snips at each other. Plus, Ana was constantly swiping at Lea’s age. Ana remarked Lea always trashed others behind their backs, but pretended otherwise when in person. Lea maintained she never acts fake and what you see is what you get. Ana was the one trying to be relevant with the constant nasty thing she said. Is this the beginning of a new feud for Season 3?

Karent left Rodolfo: Were the Mayans correct and the world did come to an end? The perky dentist admitted to Andy once she returned from her trip to Bimini, she made the choice to end her romance with her telenovela beau Rudolfo. Karent claimed she was too focused on her father’s health to worry about relationships and dissolved hers. When Andy asked Ana about the infamous claims she made about the steamy text messages Rudolfo sent, Ana insisted she wasn’t lying and thought Karent was too good for Rudolfo. Karent stated she had to go with her gut and not with what everyone else said about her ex -- she wanted to decide her own fate. OK, Karent, keep sticking your head in the sand and see how that turns out…

Lisa’s no cheerleader: All season long, viewers saw Lisa stay impartial when the catfights between the other ladies brewed. During Adriana and Joanna’s umpteenth argument at the reunion, the model attempted to chastise Lisa for not sticking up for her. Lisa fired back, saying she jumps in when it was warranted, and will not back someone just because she was friends with them. Right is right, Lisa cried. And if you are right, she will defend you. But if you aren’t, she will call you out. You go, Lisa!

Buzz Moments:

OMG!: Ana saying Lea's only became important because she "laid on her back." Can anyone else feel the burn?

Thank you, TV gods.: Andy calling out Adriana for her meltdown over Karent tweeting a pic of herself with the renowned Miami artist. Karent tweeted a picture, she didn't steal a family secret, girl!

Awk-ward: Andy bluntly asking the housewives what work they had done. You could hear a pin drop when the question was relayed.

Hotness: The reunion wardrobe the women wore.

Fab-u-lous: Lea's $25 million-dollar earrings. The woman is wearing someone's net worth, and working it like a true society dame!

Can. Not. Wait.: To see what set Lea off on Part 2 of the reunion and get the tea Alexia Echevarria spills.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 6.5

Is Ana right about Lea? Is Adriana telling the truth about Joanna and Romain? Sound off below!

– Jillian Bowe

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  • SSaron

    Ana is a nobody and a smart alec. She needs to go. I love Lea for the jewelry she wears and the trouble she starts. Love Lisa, Joanna and can take or leave Karent, but Adriana is a know it all bitch and can't stand her. Alexia can go too.

  • lori

    I agree,Ana is the one who looks like a old hag! She is really a trouble maker and seems to jealous of Lea,Lisa,and Adrianna.She is not with her husband anymore so he still bring his laundry over to wash.What is with that? Maybe she can't let go! She is very strange to me.Adrianna, is the one i like, very smart,beautiful and is a lot of fun to watch.

  • Beyoncca Boyd
    Beyoncca Boyd

    Ana's the kind of woman Lea wishes she was. Lea is as brain dead as Ana claimed. I lost respect for all the ladies after Thomas (Chauvinist) Krammer told all of them to "shut the hell up". Ana was the only sensible lady at the table. Perhaps Ana should educate the ladies with some wise words " if you don't stand for something,you'll fall for everything". Thomas was rude and kudos to Ana for stand up to Thomas.

  • Beyoncca Boyd
    Beyoncca Boyd

    Exactly! I couldn't believe what a phony Lea is. I believe she's had a total face lift since last season. Ana sure went full throttle on Lea's hypocritical ass. I don't think Ana's daughters are socially awkward, so what would possess Lea to call them that. Lea finally was made to answer for the pure evil behavior she's displayed on every episode. Love Ana & Adriana.

  • june84

    How can Ana call Lea old when they both look the same age? So if Ana is actually younger then she's aging badly. Lisa, Lea & Adrianna are my favs.

  • janie

    Omg, Lea is so wrong when she says that she has only had her neck lifted, She is so different from last season. She is such a bitch, and such an old woman compared to the others, Oh yeah and Joanna is such a bitch and so stupid for being with Roman.