Rihanna's Family Wants Her to Marry Chris Brown, Says Close Friend (EXCLUSIVE)

Rihanna's 'Baby'
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Fans may disapprove of the rekindled romance between Rihanna and Chris Brown, but the Barbadian singer's own family is hoping she'll walk down the aisle with her one-time abuser, Celebuzz has learned.

"The family wishes she'd marry him -- we're just waiting for that day to come," a source close to Rihanna's clan said. "It's true love."

That's not all. Commenting on Brown, who pleaded guilty to assaulting the "Diamonds" singer in June 2009 after a Grammy night fracas, the insider said, "We love him like a son."



This isn't the first time those close to 24-year-old Rihanna have spoken out in support of her romance with Brown: her father gave his blessing to the couple just two months ago.

"I hope one day she will get married," Ronald Fenty told Life & Style. "Everyone adores Chris. He's a super guy."


The pair have had a famously rocky relationship since the L.A. assault, and the roller-coaster ride has only gotten bumpier in recent times. Just last week, Rihanna fanned the flames of breakup rumors when she Instagrammed a photo with a caption about being single; on Dec. 19, she tweeted a photo of an empty bed.

A day later, 23-year-old Brown also took to Twitter, posting an intimate photo of the duo together -- but within minutes, the “Don’t Wake Me Up” star deleted the image.

If fans thought the Rihanna/Brown relationship was finally over, they were wrong: On Christmas Day, the two were spotted snuggling up courtside at a Lakers game.

So what's Rihanna's attraction to Brown?

The family friend answered that question with a question -- and one that some may find a bit ironic: “Do you know when you have a dog and it goes away and comes back?"

What do you think of Rihanna and Chris' relationship? Do you want to see them walk down the aisle? Voice your opinion in the comments section.

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  • Chocklate (only one)
    Chocklate (only one)

    Marriage is just that a roller coaster and if it were easy then every one would be married. I'm not saying what he's done in his past was right, a man should never ever lay hands on a woman, but they are two energized youth who adore one another dearly, we can have our opinions, but at the end of the day, it's solely up to the two of them. Good luck on what ever you decide, it's your future...remeber you only live once. Good luck to you both

  • setox12

    she looks really good with this gold on her :D

  • genesis


  • Dawn

    She seems to be thinking: Arg! How can I be going out with you? xDD

  • lola

    Chris Brown is too good for her.

  • Fatima Gaya
    Fatima Gaya

    Can't wait to see that day  Breezy and Rihanna getting married 

  • raadbassam

    Dog ha :)

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