Rihanna Posts Photos of Guns on Instagram: Has She Gone Too Far? (POLL)

Rihanna's 'Baby'
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Rihanna is known for pushing the envelope... but do her latest photos posted on Instagram go too far?

The "Diamonds" singer posted two images – one of her supermodel friend Cara Delevingne and one of an older woman – in which both are wielding guns.

The caption on one of the images reads "thug life," an homage to rap legend Tupac, who was prominent in the gangster rap scene in the 1990s.

But irrespective of the reference, is this too much too soon?

The timing of these photos comes a few weeks after the Connecticut Sandy Hook elementary school massacre.

One upset commenter wrote underneath the photo of Delevingne: "All those children in Connecticut died cus [sp] of guns."

"Think for once for God's sake," the fan went on to add.

Rihanna's Twitter and Instagram aren't new to controversy.

The on-and-off-and-on-again relationship between her and Chris Brown has been widely documented on both social media platforms.

Early in the fall, Rihanna posted a photo of herself hugging Brown and calling him "Baby" while backstage during one of his concerts on the Germany leg of his Carpe Diem tour.

Is Rihanna glorifying the use of weapons or not? Take our poll to weigh in.

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  • bob shreder
    bob shreder

    omg, instagram pics! so violent

  • Anon

    At least she isn't a hypocrite like these celeb bozos: http://youtu.be/k1SZurGArxE

  • Linnie

    I feel its poor taste.. Everytime she does stuff like this I like her a little less.. But I'm sure she doesnt care.

  • Teresa Reams-Raynor
    Teresa Reams-Raynor

    So what she posted those pics...they're all over social networks...facebook especially, so...?!?!The things that the Media will make up for a story is ridic



  • Peyton-Louise

    Well she is just being who she is, if people don't like how she expresses and represents herself why go on her twitter or instagram.

  • Amber Keane
    Amber Keane

    Oh for chrissake leave her alone celebuzz. You know perfectly well the granny picture is harmless fun, and you want to "go hard" on anyone about the model brandishing hardware, I suggest your team finds out who the magazine editor and photographer were. But you won't do that will you? Far easier to get the traffic hits by dragging Rihanna into some sort of contrived "Newtown is on you" meme. Nice 'entertainment journalism' if you can stomach it.

  • Michelle M from New Rochelle
    Michelle M from New Rochelle

    Rihanna is absolutely beautiful,sharp,smart and talented! She is also generous and never forget her roots.I love her immensely and she could do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.Chris needs to realize her worth and forget about that Karreuche nobody who is only after fame to boost her nonexistent career.Love you RiRi! Wish I could meet you.Nuff respect!

  • wink112

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