‘Warm Bodies’ Sneak Peek: Watch the First 4 Minutes of the Zombie Rom-Com (VIDEO)

The first four minutes of your new favorite zombie rom-com, Warm Bodies, has hit the web — and it looks like a bloody good time.

Based on the novel by Isaac Marion, the film follows teenage zombie R (Nicholas Hoult) as he falls in love with a human girl named Julie (Teresa Palmer) and soon realizes she makes him feel very human things.

In the first four minutes of the film, R wanders aimlessly through a destroyed airport, dreaming of what the zombies he passes by used to be like when they were living humans — and commenting on his “terrible” posture. R also warns of the Bonies, savage creatures who’ll “eat anything with a heartbeat.” Eek!


Unfortunately for R, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a Bonie too. As he watches a zombie take off a chunk of what used to be flesh, he muses, “This is what I have to look forward to.”

Then R’s best friend  (Rob Corddry) — because zombies have BFFs too — and they engage some grunt-filled conversation.

Warm Bodies hits theaters Feb. 1. Are you excited for the new zombie flick starring X-Men: First Class star Nicholas Hoult? Sound off in the comments!

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