Brad Pitt vs. Justin Theroux: Who Has the Hotter Body? (POLL & PHOTOS)

Brad Pitt in Fight Club and Justin Theroux in Mexico.

Justin Theroux looks like the mirror image of Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband Brad Pitt when he peeled off his shirt while on a winter Mexican getaway.

The Mulholland Drive actor, 41, has been showing off his oiled, tanned and ripped torso this week to match Pitt’s infamous chest-bearing, pose playing Tyler Durden in the 1999 cult movie Fight Club.

Aniston, 43, is set to tie-the-knot with her successful actor-screenwriter fiance, while 47-year-old Pitt is also preparing to walk down the aisle with his longtime partner Angelina Jolie.

Both big-screen heartthrobs are devoted to staying in tip top shape through rigorous health and fitness regimens.

Theroux gets those rock-hard abs by doing 40 minutes of cardio a day as well as weights sessions and resistance exercises at the gym. He's also an avid runner and breakdancer, too.

While father-of-six Pitt stays fit by going on active family vacations that include zip-lining and surfing, he's known to maintain a low-carb, low-sugar diet to stay lean and trim.

What do you think … who has the hotter body Brad Pitt or Justin Theroux ? Let us know by clicking on our poll and leaving your comments below.

Who is hotter?Who is hotter?

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  • Carol Krueger Lee
    Carol Krueger Lee

    I'm going to vote for Justin only because I don't find either man that attractive and I can no longer stand Brad Pitt for the way he did Jennifer Anniston. Even though he is getting his just rewards because if the thing with Angeline Jolie was just a fling - she has him now, babies and all.

  • BlackBoop

    Please, please, just let it go. Brad Pitt runs circles around Jason (looking gay). His divorce was years ago so please stop comparing the two.

  • Mijo

    Of course, Justin's body is better and younger!!!!

  • Leah`

    Theroux has the BETTER body...and i honestly think he's hotter than Brad. Never thought brad was hot actually.

  • @sophie

    Yeah, but Brad's face is and will always be more beautiful. Plus he's not an egotistical wannabe hipster who wears belted jean shorts to sunbathe.

  • wink112

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  • sophie

    You are showing an old picture of pitt from 1999 compared to a 2012 pic of theroux at age 41. Theroux still has the better body.