Justin Bieber Posts New Tattoo Pic on Instagram

Justin Bieber gets mobbed by his UK fans
Justin Bieber sent the social media world into a tizzy Sunday when the pop icon posted a picture of a “new” tattoo on his Instagram account.

Posted alongside a pair of shirtless photos of himself hanging out in an undisclosed tropical location, Bieber posted the photo, which features a pair of praying hands surrounded by roses. The accompanying text said “newtat” – but is the skin art truly new?

Although many of his followers and fans were nonplussed by the new addition to his ink repertoire, comparisons to earlier pictures of the singer revealed that the tattoo appears to be merely a spruced-up version of one he’d gotten earlier on his calf. (Unless he got a duplicate of the same tattoo somewhere else on his body, that is; the image clearly shows the tattoo, but even in tip-top shape, the singer’s forearm and calf seem to have a pretty similar musculature.)

Responses on twitter varied from euphoric celebration of the art to complaints that Bieber is getting too many tattoos to speculation that it’s not even his.

Caitlinpace commented on Instagram, “Omg this is one of the prettiest tattoos I’ve ever seen love it! #obsessed.”

“Omg! No no no!!!” responded arieanaddl_22.

“That is not yours lol its cute though :)),” said elisabethvaldo.

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What do you think of Justin’s new tattoo, assuming it’s new, and it’s really his? Let us know in the comments section below – and let us know what you think of the singer’s appetite for ink!