Khloe Kardashian: Congrats Kim & Kanye!!!!!

"Kim and Kanye are expecting a baby!!!"
Kim K: I'm Pregnant!
The reality star and boyfriend Kanye West are expecting! Read More »

On Sunday, the world exploded with congratulatory notes on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's exciting baby news.

Now, sister Khloe Kardashian has taken to her official blog to join in expressing how thrilled she is about the new addition to the family:

I am so so SO excited to finally be able to share the big news — Kim and Kanye are expecting a baby!!!

There is nothing more special than seeing your family grow and Lamar and I are over the moon to have another niece or nephew to love and protect forever.

I am truly overwhelmed with happiness right now and just so freaking excited to welcome another little person into our crazy fam LOL!!!

What an amazing year 2012 has been… Bring it 2013!

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  • Nancy Bailey-Santoniello
    Nancy Bailey-Santoniello

    I thought Kanye wanted to stay out of the publicity with Kim! HHMM I guess Mama Chris is doing her thing!!

  • Agnes

    Thats a wonderful photo! And Kim, you deserves a good man, and now you guys are expecting a baby. Can't be happier for you! xoxo

  • dennis

    Why would she a black man ( except I have heard 'that once you have a black man , you don't want a white again

  • Selina Townsend-Brown
    Selina Townsend-Brown

    What a lovely couple, especially when they smile :)

  • sandra

    Looking Great KIMYE!!!!

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  • Keith Richard
    Keith Richard

    Congratualation Mrs. Humphries....