Oz on Earth: Where Celebs Go to Get Away From it All (PHOTOS)

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Wouldn't it be great to find your own "Oz on Earth?"

Celebrities who can afford the luxury have scoured the globe to create their own private Oz in some of the most breathtaking and exotic locales on the planet.

Whether it's the Kardashian sisters living the good life in Miami, Florida, or Josh Duhamel and Fergie chilling out in St. Barths, the stars featured in today's Celebuzz gallery have found the most exclusive, paparazzi-free (sometimes) places to spend their holidays with family and friends.

Necker Island in the Caribbean was purchased in the late 1990's by British mogul Sir Richard Branson.  Since then, celebrities such as Steven Spielberg have rented out the entire island for their special getaways.  What the island lacks in size, it makes up for in exclusivity, which is why it has become such a sought after destination among Hollywood's elite.

Where would you most like to go on your next vacation?  Sound off in the comments field below!



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  • traceblack

    Dear Celebuzz you're being such a ignorant with your point of view about Rio, I been there so many times, and it's like heaven, obviously like every big city has some dangerous places, like Paris, London or New York... But you shouldn't call it an exotic choice, it's not a big deal, you probably never been out of America, but not only Penelope but lots of celebrities go there frequently.

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