Portland Strip Club Hopes for Boost in Hoodie Sales After Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Wears One (EXCLUSIVE)

The owner of Mary’s Strip Club in Portland, Ore. is “thrilled” that Twilight actress Kristen Stewart has been advertising the club’s official hoodie.

And Vicki Keller is hoping that there will now be an “online stampede” to buy the $30 garment which has a sexy topless stripper etched on the back.

“I’m thrilled that Kristen Stewart was photographed wearing our official hoodie – I hope it helps boost sales,” she revealed to Celebuzz.

As well as a drawing of a woman wearing just a pair of panties and heels, the hoodie has a scrawl promising the ‘finest topless dancers’.

Stewart, 22, was photographed in the cosy looking black garment with white detailing with a baggy white tank top, skinny jeans, black tennis shoes and baseball cap while she jetted out of LAX Airport.

But the strip club owner was remaining tight-lipped about whether Rob Pattinson or Stewart had visited her popular venue when the first Twilight movie was shot in Portland.

The club is a favorite for Oscar nominated director and local resident Gus Van Sant and Portlandia producer David Allen Cress.

And cast and crew from HBO’s popular hit Entourage have also dropped-in before while they filmed in the scenic city.

“I’m not sure if Robert or Kristen visited here while they filmed the first Twilight but she did not order the hoodie online or at the club,” explains Keller.

“I know the director Gus Van Sant and the Portlandia producer David Cress, so, maybe they gave it to Kristen as a gift because they like to come into my club.

“We have had a lot of industry folks drop in over the years since my father first opened the place back in 1955 — they like that we are a friendly local haunt with nice girls and good drinks — Kristen is welcome anytime now!”

It is believed that Stewart jetted back to Great Britain to celebrate the New Year with her boyfriend and Twilight co-star Pattinson — after a tumultuous 2012.

In July, she was infamously photographed in Los Angeles while caught in a steamy embrace with married director Rupert Sanders.

The pair reconciled in September while embarking on a publicity push for Breaking Dawn Part 2 all around the world.

Stewart recently opened-up about the affair that sent shockwaves through Hollywood and with the millions of twilight fans around the world in a recent interview.

“People think they knew a lot about me before. They know even less now,” she told USA Today.

“People will project whatever. It’s a huge form of entertainment. As soon as you step outside your own life and look at it like that and think that you can shape something – you need to live your life. I’m just going to live my life, actually.”

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