Celeb Diets That Work: 40 Get-Slim Eating Plans (and Tips!) for 2013

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Quick-Fix Diets
See the slim-down secrets from the stars for losing weight fast!
Hollywood A-listers such as Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Kidman and Jenny McCarthy have found the secrets to staying slim, and now you can, too — with a little help from Celebuzz.

With 2013 underway — and most of us already breaking our get-slim New Year’s resolutions — we’ve reviewed a mountain of diet plans and eating tips. They range from counting points and carbs to drinking vinegar and staying naked while you eat.

Now we’re ready to share what we’ve learned — and help you make 2013 your slimmest year ever!

At the top of our list is Weight Watchers — according to Shapemagazine, its flexibility and support system make it the very best diet plan.

Followers can eat anything they want — in moderation. The diet uses a now-famous point system, with each portion of food being equivalent to a certain number of points. Points are limited each day until the dieter reaches his or her goal weight; followers also attend group meetings to find support with others in the program.

After dieters shed the pounds, the point tally is adjusted for a maintenance phase — like the ones that have kept Hudson and McCarthy super-sculpted.

Another way to get slim is the South Beach diet — a low-carb eating plan consisting of low-fat proteins and dairy, fruits, veggies, and even eggs. It’s the plan that Kidman prefers, and may be a healthier low-carb option than the famous Atkins diet.

Click through the gallery above to learn more about these diets — plus the ones that Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow prefer.  Then get ready to lose those extra holiday pounds — and keep them off!

Which eating plan are you going to try in 2013? Leave a comment below.

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