‘Carrie Diaries’ Star Austin Butler Talks Marathoning ‘Sex and the City’: ‘I Was Really Attached to It’ (VIDEO)

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Before Mr. Big, there was Sebastian Kydd.

Austin Butler stars as the quasi-love interest to a teenage Carrie Bradshaw (AnnaSophia Robb) on The CW’s new drama The Carrie Diaries — a prequel to the HBO hit, Sex and the City. On the pilot episode, high school junior Carrie crushes on troubled rich kid Sebastian after she finds out her summer crush is her new classmate.

But Sebastian and Carrie’s relationship isn’t going to be without its drama. After all, this is Carrie Bradshaw we’re talking about — and Sebastian isn’t just another run-of-the-mill bad boy.

“He’s so much more than that,” Butler told Celebuzz at the New York premiere of The Carrie Diaries back in October. “And it’s fun for me because as I read the episodes, I get to see where his humanity is.”

“When you first see someone, you might think, ‘Oh, they don’t feel this or they don’t feel that, but then you get to see what he feels and what pushes his buttons,” he added. “It’s really fun.”

Like Carrie’s future love Mr. Big, there’s more to the Kydd than meets the eye. But the similarities between Chris Noth’s beloved character and Sebastian might end there. As for Butler, the 21-year-old admitted he had never seen the HBO series until production of The Carrie Diaries began. However, now, he’s hooked.

“I hadn’t seen it before I started. I mean, I had walked in on an episode while my mom was watching it, but I had never sat down and watched an entire episode. And then while I was in New York shooting the pilot, I bought the first two seasons on iTunes, and I watched them in a week. I think it’s really a good show! I laughed along with it, I felt bad for them — I was really attached to it.”

The Carrie Diaries premieres Jan. 14, 2013 at 8PM on The CW.

Below, watch Celebuzz’s interview with executive producer Candace Bushnell.

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