Rihanna and Chris Brown Cruise Through Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

RiRi & Chris Cruise Through L.A.
RiRi's 'Diamonds' Video
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Talk about life in the fast lane: Rihanna and Chris Brown took a drive around Los Angeles before stopping at a drive-thru to grab a bite to eat on Wednesday.

During their afternoon outing, Brown flashed a smile as he helmed the wheel, while the "Diamonds" singer enjoyed the view from the passenger's seat.

2013 has only just begun, and the pair already seem inseparable. Just a day before, the controversial duo caused a stir on Instagram, where they posted not-so-subtle photos implying they celebrated the New Year together.

"Good morning! Still haven’t slept lol #hello2013," the songstress captioned her snapshot. As for Brown, he went for a more simpler route in his reference, only posting a view from their bed. "Mornings," he wrote.

Launch the gallery to check out more photos of Rihanna and Chris' L.A. outing!

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