Snooki Shares Her Top 9 Must-Haves Before Leaving the House (PHOTOS)

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Whether she's out running errands or heading to a TV interview, Jersey Shore's Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has a few items that she can't part with when she's leaving her house.

The 25-year-old recently took to her Celebuzz blog to share her personal must-haves that can always be found in her purse.

The busy mom-of-one wrote:

There are nine things I can’t leave the house without! Look through the gallery to read why these items are essentials to have on me before I go out!

1) My Lorenzo Necklace: Every time I leave Lorenzo it just gets harder and harder. So having my Lorenzo necklace makes me feel… More HERE.

2) My Blush Palette: Contouring my face is an obsession. I love how just a few dabs of blush and bronzer can make your cheek bones look phenomenal. I even use… More HERE.

3) Lipstick: I hate having boring, non-lipstick lips. Lipstick defines your whole face and is a must in my book! I just make sure to kiss… More HERE.

4) Cellphone: I’d say I’m addicted to my cell. Whether it be texting my… More HERE.

5) Perfume: I’m really cheesy and I only wear… More HERE.

6) Clips: I have so much hair (thank you Great Length Extensions) that sometimes… More HERE.

7) Glasses: Whether it be my snerds from my sunglasses line or just regular sunglasses, i always need something! Even if i don’t wear them, i always need back ups just in case… More HERE.

8) Gum: Usually when I leave my house its either to go to Babies “R” Us, the gym, or to go travel and promote my products, so I always carry gum on me! I always want to have fresh breath, because I hate when people… More HERE.

9) Good energy: This may sound cheesy and stupid, but I never leave the house without being in a good mood. Even if I’m leaving early in the morning and I literally just rolled out of bed and cranky, I make sure that wherever I’m going, I bring a positive attitude. I HATE… More HERE.

What can you not leave the house without?


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