‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’s’ Trey Songz Says It’s a ‘Lifelong Achievement’ to Not Die First in a Horror Film (VIDEO)

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He may have five hit records under his belt, but singer-turned-actor Trey Songz says that not dying first in his latest film, Texas Chainsaw 3D, was one of the highlights of his life.

“As a black man, that’s a career lifelong achievement,” the “Bottoms Up” crooner told Celebuzz.

Songz, who plays Ryan in the seventh film of the slasher franchise, said that he actually wanted to pass on the role because he didn’t want to be a classic movie cliche.

“It was because it was a horror film that it was something I didn’t entertain initially because it was a stereotype,” he told us.

“Aside from that, I was focusing on my album. It was my fifth studio album. I was coming off tours. It was a very, very heavy point in my musical career so I didn’t think I had the time.”

What made the 28-year-old change his mind?

“It just so happens that the four weeks I had coming up were the four weeks it took to shoot the movie so it worked out,” he said.

As for his co-star Alexandra Daddario, her character’s unconventional role drew her to the film.

“I think it’s an interesting twist,” she said. “She becomes tougher and stronger and fights for what she believes is right, I guess.”

“I’m excited to have such a twist in the movie where as you see her go from the typical typecast screaming, running girl to this girl who gains this sense of confidence and — like she says — has this dark side that comes to life,” Songz added. “I’d love to see what that possibly could be.”

So what is Texas Chainsaw 3D’s big twist? Find out when it opens in theaters on Jan. 4, 2013.

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