‘Bunheads’ Sneak Peek: Boo Goes Viral! (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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The network announces 2013 show return dates.
Sometimes an up-and-coming performer only needs that little nudge to push them over the edge and into the public eye.

In the case of ABC Family’s Bunheads, all it takes for one very special dancer at Madam Fanny’s studio to be propelled to viral video status is being maced by her teacher…

Last we saw Paradise, Calif. and the Bunheads characters, Michelle (Sutton Foster) grabbed the wrong thing during the annual summer Nutcracker performance and sent the entire cast to the hospital and Michelle fled the city in shame.

And as it will turn out in the winter 2013 return episode, “Do You Wanna See Something?,” Boo (Kaitlyn Jenkins) wants to hide in equal shame after seeing the clip of her speaking of the event on the news remixed and gone viral online.

Boo’s viral video may just be the most memorable moment of the series so far, not just this particular episode, and Celebuzzhas an exclusive first look at its hilarious glory. Seriously, we dare you to watch it and not immediately want to watch it again.

Watch our exclusive preview above.

Bunheads returns Monday at 9PM on ABC Family.

Can Boo (and Michelle) get over the embarrassment?

Danielle Turchiano

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