Mariah Carey Gets Mixed Reviews for Australian Concert (VIDEO)

After 14 years away, Mariah Carey has made her return to the Australian stage. But while the Grammy-winning singer once earned soaring praises, her recent string of shows in Sydney has left some critics soured.

“Mariah has become a caricature of herself — and not in a lovable Dolly Parton kind of way,” The Sydney Morning Herald said in a review.

“Mariah seemed too absorbed to give us much at all,” the writer continued. “She hobbled around the stage in heels, escorted by mystery males, touched her hair incessantly and disappeared backstage three times while back-up dancers and singers entertained a yawning crowd.”

Other reviewers bemoaned Carey’s concert for a what seemed to be a technique misstep. “Sound issues meant she couldn’t hear herself sing through her earpiece monitor,” NME magazine wrote. “After barking a few instructions at the crew, [Carey] spent three minutes ad-libbing lyrics on stage.”

But while Carey underwhelmed some critics, others opined that the diva delivered as well as ever.

“Mariah Carey trilled and shrilled her way into Australian’s hearts,” Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph wrote. “The songbird supreme did not disappoint, her voice is as powerful as it was twenty years ago, hitting that signature…for her 1991 hit, Emotions.’

After three shows in Sydney, Carey will Mariah Carey wrap up her Australian tour at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium on Jan. 5 before heading back to the state, where she will premiere on Fox’s American Idol on Jan. 16.

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