16 Films You Need to See in 2013 (PHOTOS)

Hollywood just had its biggest year ever at the box office, raking in a whopping $10.8 billion in ticket sales. Naturally, the town celebrates by challenging 2013 to “top that."

Channing Tatum, Jennifer Lawrence and Matt Damon are just a few of 2012’s stars returning to conquer the box office in new year, with some help from J.J. Abrams, Ryan Gosling and Iron Man, of course.

There’s a crazy amount of movies vying for your attention in the new year. But don’t worry, Celebuzz is here to help with a guide to the must-see movies of 2013.

From superhero movie sequels to another trip to the Hunger Games, here are 16 films to look forward to this year.

Release dates are included when available, so Sharpie them in on your calendar and let us know in the comments which films you are dying to see.

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  • vampirediariesgirl

    Wolverine was awesome! A must see

  • SIN

    Just another useless remake.

  • SIN

    Anything with Will Ferral will be a dud.

  • SIN

    No more gay boy Tom Cruise.

  • SIN

    Finally. A movie worth watching.

  • SIN

    Ultra LAME!!

  • SIN

    District 9 was a total and complete FAILURE!!

  • Amy

    Where is beautiful creatures :(

  • kiki21q

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  • Steve Es
    Steve Es

    To the author(s) and editors: Superman Returns was NOT a reboot of the franchise. It was to have taken place about 5 years after Superman II taking III and IV out of cannon.


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